About Homplex hero

I’m Homplex,

a Romanian manufacturer of modern and innovative solutions to increase comfort and safety in residential and industrial environments.

From the very beginning I set out with a very clear mission: to offer all my partners easy access to a wide range of efficient and quality solutions, pragmatic approaches, dynamism, honesty and creativity, together with the willingness to communicate with them permanently. My main priority is to constantly propose innovative solutions, made to the highest quality standards, in Romania. 

Every project is important, which is why Homplex teams are constantly striving to meet the needs of the company’s partners, even if they have to include dynamic solutions for residential complexes, office buildings, commercial or industrial spaces, or infrastructure development (drinking water, natural gas and sewage networks).

In my ten years of activity, I have grown harmoniously, allocating considerable resources to the development of solutions adapted to trends and new technologies.

Smart Living

We have scored important successes along the way, some of them a first in Romania. The integration into the Homplex portfolio and, implicitly, the local introduction of the first room thermostat in Romanian – DG908 (available both wired and radio frequency) was one of them.

Innovations didn’t stop there either – Homplex was the first company in Romania to produce wireless radio solutions consisting of methane gas detectors (HD100 RF) and radio centralizers (HD200 RF), and from 2021, polymer gas meter protection flange – all made in Romania.

Market research, listening to requests from the field and technological evolution were three of the factors we kept in mind in 2022, launching further reliable solutions in the first part of the year. Thus, the Homplex portfolio includes two new methane gas detectors – the HD100 PRO and the HD100 Double Control (the first Homplex detector that allows two solenoid valves to be controlled and therefore triggered simultaneously).

Also at the beginning of the year, Homplex NX1, the first room thermostat developed and manufactured entirely in Romania with remote control via mobile app and smartphone, became available in the company’s portfolio. At the same time, Homplex is currently the largest distributor of AGRU products in Romania offering a wide range of fittings and solutions for gas and water infrastructure. In addition, the Homplex portfolio includes various solutions for successful projects – both residential and industrial – such as gas regulators, solenoid valves, flanges, taps, hydrants.

For you

In addition to innovation and effective collaborations with local and international suppliers, we also pay close attention to the satisfaction of our partners. Automating the most important steps, optimizing the delivery process, reducing the risk of incidents that may occur during packaging or delivery, providing expert advice through a team of professionals and a dedicated call center, regularly collecting feedback and offering ongoing support recommend us as a reliable partner.

We’ve developed partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers so that in the end you get the best quality, value and support you need. We always take care to ensure you have enough stock for your most elaborate projects. I am at your disposal with in-depth documentation and the most relevant CE certifications and in addition, my representatives will support you, if necessary, with training sessions, case studies and immediate technical support. Discover the whole portfolio offered by Homplex, an impressive number of benchmarks for gas and water infrastructure that can help you to be more competitive and your work more appreciated by customers.

I’m glad we met, and if you have any questions not covered here, I encourage you to get in touch with one of my specialists, who are ready to professionally assist you with all your projects.