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The DG19 RF is a programmable radio frequency room thermostat. The thermostat has a sleek design and touch buttons, the DG19 RF fits into any home thanks to the ability to mount it on the wall or place it on your desk.

The room thermostat’s ‘Scheduled’ mode can be used to create multiple heating scenarios. The DG19 wireless programmable room thermostat allows individual programming by day or week, as well as 5 + 2 and 5 + 1 + 1 programming. If you work from home, use the “Manual” mode which will maintain the same temperature regardless of the time.

Restrict children’s access to thermostat settings with the key lock function – protect it with a PIN code. With the DG19 RF you are sure to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, especially when you choose to ventilate. The ‘Window Open’ function will allow your thermostat to stop heating immediately when the ambient temperature drops suddenly.



DG19 RF touch buttons
Modern look Touch buttons and a large illuminated display make the DG19 RF a suitable thermostat for every home, whatever the style.
DG19 RF ventilate and save
Save money when you air! Thanks to the "Window Open" function, the DG19 RF will stop heating your home when the ambient temperature has dropped by more than 4.5°C in the last 4 minutes.
DG19 RF Smart algorithm
No waiting Find the temperature you want at home without waiting - thanks to smart recovery, the DG19 RF will know how long before it needs to start heating your home.
DG19 RF illuminated screen
Bright as you need it! The DG19 RF allows you to choose three time intervals for the screen to stay lit - five, ten or fifteen seconds. You choose!
DG19 RF lock thermostat
Do you allow access? Restricts access to the DG19 RF room thermostat with a three-digit PIN code. You set it, you choose who can operate the thermostat.


Room thermostat
Wireless 868Mhz
Thermostat power supply
3VDC, Batteries, 2 x AAA alkaline
Thermostat display
Illuminated LCD display
124 x 88 x 25 mm
Division Gas
Receiver dimensions
86 x 86 x 24 mm
Receiver relay
250 VAC, 10A
Thermostat relay
250 VAC, 8A
Available working modes
Away, Manual, Scheduled, Temporary Hold
Available programs
5 + 1 + 1, 5 + 2, Daily programming, Weekly programming
Temperature scale
Hour format
24 hrs
Temperature setting range
5 ºC … 35 ºC
Temperature selection step
0.5 ºC
0.5 ºC … 3 ºC
Hysteresis selection step
0.5 ºC
Additional functions
Frost protection, Intelligent temperature adjustment, Open window detection, PIN code locking
2 years,

Frequent questions

I bought a DG19 RF, but I can't program it?
Check that the DG19 RF thermostat has "Programmed" mode active. You can check from the configuration menu - page. 6 (ON to enable "Programmed" mode).
What is the maximum display illumination time for the DG19 RF?
You can select the display illumination for up to 15 seconds.
An antenna is flashing on the DG19 RF screen and the thermostat is no longer communicating with the receiver, why?
When there is a communication problem between the thermostat and the receiver you need to make sure that there is not too great a distance between the two devices and that they are not "shielded" by other surfaces that prevent communication, the devices have not been successfully synchronised or the thermostat has been reset by switching off the power.
On the DG19 RF screen a rectangular border appeared and the heating stopped, why?
The heating has been switched off because the "Window Open" function has been activated to avoid heat loss when the ambient temperature drops rapidly due to draughts from open windows. Press any of the thermostat buttons to return to the previous settings.
It's 0°C in the holiday home, but the DG19 RF thermostat hasn't turned on the heating to avoid the system freezing, why?
Allows the thermostat to start heating when the ambient temperature is very low only when the "Frost Protection" function is active. You can activate or deactivate it from the configuration menu - page. 9.
Why does my thermostat display show "roomERR"?
When the DG19 RF display shows the message "roomERR", the temperature sensor is faulty or short-circuited. Ask the technical department for help to check the situation.
Why does the temperature set on the DG19 RF thermostat reset to 16°C or 20°C?
The temperature is reset when you have not set a room temperature for each available time slot in a heating schedule in the "Programmed" mode. For example, if you are using weekly programming you need to choose 4 or 6 temperatures to cover all available time slots in the programmed week.
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Wireless programmable room thermostat
  • Modern look
  • Save money when you air!
  • No waiting
  • Bright as you need it!
  • Do you allow access?