DG19 Wi-Fi: a modern thermostat connected to the IoT

Autumn is an important time for young and old alike. Children go back to school and parents go back to work, which is especially noticeable in the cold season, when the ambient temperature in the home drops significantly during unheated hours.

One solution to help keep the room temperature comfortable is to use a programmable thermostat, but it can only help you when your and your loved ones’ schedule is fixed, the same every day of the week – so, following your chosen settings, the thermostat will tell the central unit to turn the heat off when you leave home and turn it on moments before you return.

It gets complicated when your schedule is dynamic and your departure and arrival times at home are not the same every day – normally, your thermostat will turn on the heat as set in your weekly schedule, not knowing that you’ll be home later than expected.

This means your home will be heated unnecessarily for hours, with no benefit to your monthly savings. To avoid inefficient consumption and save your family money, Homplex comes to your aid with a programmable thermostat featuring IoT (Internet of Things) – DG19 WiFi which, in addition to its minimalist design suitable for any home, offers multiple ways to control it.

DG19 Wi-Fi can be controlled via touch buttons, but also directly from your smarphone, which helps when you’re away from home. Thanks to the wireless connection and the app, whether you’re in the office, at the gym, at parent-teacher conferences or visiting grandparents with your little ones, you can choose when to tell your thermostat to turn on the heat and what room temperature to be at home when you arrive.

If you will not be home in the next few days, you can choose to select the ”Away” status in the app and the temperature in your home will be 16°C.

Keeping the room temperature close to your chosen temperature on a regular basis will help to save on the fuel consumed by the central heating system, as your home won’t suddenly cool down and it won’t need to work overtime to ensure the ideal temperature when you return home.

In addition to the monthly savings you make by using a thermostat, buying a DG19 WiFi helps ensure thermal comfort for you and your family, no matter what your lifestyle, thanks to its multiple functions and simplicity of use.

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