Thermostatic valve DG801 left side view with screen on DG801 connection for radiator heater or distributor DG801 with compatible DGWG control unit DG801 thermostatic radiator valve side view DG801 Mounted on the radiator Thermostatic valve DG801 side facing display


The DG801 is an intelligent thermostatic valve for electric radiator and underfloor heating. The tap can be controlled remotely via the Internet with the Smart-E app (available for iOS and Android operating systems).

This tap can be used in conjunction with the DGWG gateway control hub (not included in the package) which functions as a central Wi-Fi control unit. Up to eight thermostatic valves can be connected to a single unit.

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DG801 "Holiday" for your home
"Holiday" for your home The DG801 has a 'Holiday' mode, ideal when you're going on holiday but want to maintain a balanced room temperature in your home.
DG801 Dedicated app
Dedicated app For more flexibility and precise control, download and use the Smart-E app. You'll be able to change the mode of operation, the temperature or the schedule you create.
DG801 Control it from anywhere
Control it from anywhere The DG801 can be controlled directly from your smart mobile phone if you have an active Internet connection. Change the temperature in your home without being at home.
DG801 Mounted on the radiator
Mounting on radiator The thermostatic valve can be installed directly on the radiator to control the temperature individually for each room.


Radiator heating
Thermostat power supply
3VDC, Batteries, 2 x AA alkaline
Thermostat display
M30 x 1.5 mm
Thermostat power supply
1.5 V 2 AA batteries
Division Gas
Available working modes
Temporary, Scheduled, Vacation
Available programs
Daily schedule
Appointment slots available
Temperature scale
Hour format
24 hours
Temperature interval
0 ºC ... 50 ºC
Temperature selection step
0.5 ºC
Additional features
Child lock, Window open detection, Low battery indicator, Limescale protection, Frost protection
Temperature control mode
Environmental only (radiators)
2 years

Frequent questions

Why does the DG801 show "E1" or "E2" messages?
When "E1" or "E2" is shown on the display, the internal sensor is faulty or short-circuited. Contact a Homplex specialist for verification.
Why doesn't the DG801 respond to any commands?
The thermostatic valve was blocked. Press and hold the "Auto/Manual" and "Prog" buttons simultaneously for three seconds to unlock it.
What does the "AdAp" error mean?
The message does not indicate a technical error. "AdAP" indicates the use of the limescale protection function. DG801 reported that the installation has not been switched on for two weeks. So it will open and close the circuit to avoid build-up of deposits.
Smart actuators

Smart thermostatic valve DG801

Product code: 3710675
Thermostatic valve (actuator) with Internet control
  • "Holiday" for your home
  • Dedicated app
  • Control it from anywhere
  • Mounting on radiator