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The DG803X is a programmable thermostat for underfloor heating with thermal agent (water) The thermostat displays the room temperature and the set temperature simultaneously.

This underfloor heating thermostat has a large, illuminated LCD display that offers extended visibility and quick control. The Division Gas programmable thermostat can be used in conjunction with mixing valves and actuators.



DG803x Illuminated screen
Continuous light With the DG803X you can enjoy a continuously illuminated display, even at night for easier control thanks to high visibility.
DG803x Extend your holiday!
Extend your holiday! Any extended holiday is no impediment to maintaining an ideal room temperature at home - set it to "Vacation" mode for up to 99 days (approx. 3 months).
DG803x Ambiental or underfloor heating?
And the floor? Use it as a room or floor thermostat only, or use both at the same time - the DG803X gives you all three types of heating!


Underfloor heating with thermal agent (water)
Thermostat power supply
230 VAC 50 / 60Hz
Thermostat display
Illuminat LCD display
86 x 86 x 15 mm (visible part)
Division Gas
Thermostat relay
250 VAC, 8(5) A
Available working modes
Manual, Temporary Hold, Scheduled, Vacation
Available programs
5 + 1 + 1, 5 + 2, Daily schedule
Temperature scale
Hour format
12hr / 24hr
Room temperature setting range
5 ºC … 35 ºC
Floor heating setting range
6 ºC … 99 ºC
Temperature setting step
0.5 ºC
Heating modes
Slow (SL), Fast (FA)
Actuator working modes
NC - Normal - Closed, NO - Normal - Open
Temperature control modes
Ambiental only (radiators), Floor only, Floor and ambiental
Screen illumination time
Off, Permanent, On at key press
Additional features
Child lock, Floor temperature query, Pump protection, Frost protection, Smart recovery
2 years

Frequent questions

Why does the screen display "LO"?
The temperature read by the floor sensor is below the lowest temperature limit in the "Out" or "All" mode. The DG803X will turn the heater on until the floor temperature is above the set limit.
Why does the screen display "HI"?
The temperature detected by the floor sensor is above the limit of the highest temperature set in "Out" or "All" mode, therefore the thermostat will switch off the heating.
Why do I get the "Err" message when using "Out" and "All" modes?
The DG803X has detected that the floor sensor is faulty or short-circuited. The thermostat switched off all outputs.
Why does the screen display "Err" when I use the "In" mode?
The DG803X found that the ambient sensor was faulty or shorted and the thermostat turned off all outputs.
The DG803X thermostat does not respond to commands, why?
The DG803X thermostat keys can be locked - press the " + " and " - " buttons simultaneously for three seconds to unlock the keys.
The DG803X thermostat is malfunctioning, what can I do?
Carefully remove the thermostat from the canister. Identify the 6 points on the base plate. Using a metal connector, briefly connect the "GND" and "RST" points. The DG803X thermostat will then operate within parameters.
The thermostat does not keep the screen lit, it switches off immediately.
From the setup menu - page 7, choose the value "3" for continuous display illumination.
Wired thermostats


Product code: 3710067
Programmable wired thermostat for ambiental and/or underfloor heating
  • Continuous light
  • Extend your holiday!
  • And the floor?