Non-programmable room thermostat DG816 RF front panel non-programmable-ambient-thermostat-dg816-rf-sideNon-programmable ambient thermostat DG816 RF side right Receiver for DG816 RF non-programmable room thermostat Non-programmable room thermostat DG816 RF side view


Information: DG816 RF (discontinued) has been replaced by Homplex 816 RF!

The DG816 RF is an easy-to-use, wireless, non-programmable room thermostat. The DG816 RF has a large rotary knob for temperature control and an LCD display that will show the room temperature or the new set temperature in turn.

The DG816 RF thermostat is ideal for the elderly, but also for those who want a simple and efficient device.

Enjoy radio frequency communication and leave the DG816 RF thermostat anywhere in your home using the desk stand.



DG816 RF Electric floor heating?
Electric heating? Use the DG816 RF thermostat with electric underfloor heating and enjoy a warm home every moment of the day.
DG816 RF Low battery indicator
Low battery indicator You'll know exactly when your room thermostat's batteries are (almost) depleted and need replacing.
DG816 RF Easy to use
Simple to use The DG816 RF room thermostat has a single large button that you can use to change the set temperature.
DG816 RF See only what matters
Just see what matters The DG816 RF room thermostat's LCD display shows the room temperature and the new set temperature in turn when changes occur.


Room Thermostat
Thermostat power supply
3VDC, Batteries, 2 x AA alkaline
Wireless, 868MHz
Thermostat display
Illuminated LCD
86 x 86 x 32 mm
Division Gas
Receiver size
110 x 80 x 30 mm
Releu receiver
250 VAC, 8 A
Ieșire de putere (încălzire)
max. 250 VAC, 16 A
Temperature scale
Temperature selection step
0.5 ºC
Temperature interval
5 ºC … 35 ºC
Additional features
Alarmă de temperatură, Indicator baterie scăzută
2 years

Frequent questions

How do I know if my thermostat batteries are flat?
A symbol will be displayed on the DG816 RF thermostat screen to let you know when its batteries are low.
Why is "E1" displayed on the DG816 RF screen?
Error "E1" indicates a short circuit on the temperature sensor, and all thermostat functions are suspended. Contact the technical department to check the situation.
Why is the error "E2" displayed on the DG816 RF screen?
"E2" indicates a timing error between the thermostat and the receiver. Set a temperature higher than the ambient temperature. Resume the device synchronisation process as described in the user manual.
The DG816 RF thermostat does not communicate with the receiver, why?
If your thermostat is not communicating with the receiver, make sure there is no error message on the receiver's display. Be careful how you position the receiver. It should be placed in an enclosed space and avoid areas where there may be communication shielding (metal foil and steel reduce signal strength). Leave a space of at least 30 cm from other electronic equipment (computer, radio or TV).
"HI" and "LO" displayed occasionally on the thermostat indicate what?
When the ambient temperature is higher than 30 ºC, the thermostat will indicate "HI". If it has dropped below 5ºC, the thermostat will indicate "LO".
Wireless thermostats

DG816 RF

Product code: 3710059-0
Wireless non-programmable room thermostat
  • Electric heating?
  • Low battery indicator
  • Simple to use
  • Just see what matters