DGWG control unit for smart actuators front view DGWG control unit for smart actuators side view


The DGWG is a control unit (gateway/hub) that works in conjunction with the DG801 thermostatic radiator valve. Communication is via radio frequency (wireless/wireless).

The control unit can control up to eight DG801 valves. Control of the taps and control unit can be done remotely via the Internet.

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DGWG Dedicated app
Dedicated app DGWG controls DG801 smart faucets easily and efficiently with the Smart E app. Available in the App Store and Google Play.
DGWG Flexible with your needs
Flexible with your needs DGWG poate fi utilizat cu până la opt robineți termostatici DG801, ceea ce înseamnă că poți controla temperatura ambientală în mod eficient în living, dar și în camerele copiilor în același timp.
DGWG In step with new technologies
In step with new technologies The DGWG works as a wireless internet-enabled central unit to remotely control DG801 thermostatic valves using your smart phone and mobile app.


Operating voltage
DC 5.1 2A
Communication protocol
Operating distance
max. 100 m
Division Gas
Interfata hardware
Internet port, DC power interface
Frequency band
2.41 Ghz - 2.48 Ghz
Operating temperature
- 20 °C ... + 60 °C
≤ 90% Rh
80 x 125 x 26 mm
2 years

Frequent questions

Is DGWG recommended for space heating?
The DGWG Wi-Fi control unit can be used for space heating (without floor heating).
How many thermostatic valves can I connect to the DGWG?
The DGWG can control up to 8 DG801 thermostatic valves.
Central units for control

Wireless control centre DGWG

Product code: 3712595
Internet gateway.
  • Dedicated app
  • Flexible with your needs
  • In step with new technologies