Long spigot weldable gas riser Long spigot weldable gas riser


A long spigot weldable gas meter riser (“Riser” or “Raiser”) is composed of high density polyethylene pipe.

Inside, the connection end is protected by a metal pipe. This riser is 1.5 m high, type PE100 with standard size ratio – SDR11.

This long weldable riser is fitted at one end with a loose polyethylene pipe for electrofusion welding or butt welding. At the opposite end, the polyethylene pipe is joined with a threaded/unthreaded PE/metal through-piece for threaded or welded connection to indoor gas supply installations. The inner space between the metal protection pipe and the polyethylene pipe is protected at the ends against moisture penetration.

The connection end without a protective anode is fitted on the outside with an embossed tube with slots to collect and evacuate any accidental gas leaks.
Natural gas service connections (“risers”) are used to bring natural gas pipelines buried above ground to allow access to the gas flowing through them. Once the natural gas riser comes out of the ground, a valve is usually threaded onto it to control the flow of natural gas ahead of the meter or regulator.




Type polyethylene
Standard dimensional ratio
brad trasor
1.3 m
Nominal diameter

Weldable gas meter riser

Product code: 3710349
Weldable gas riser