HD100 PRO – innovation and quality for your home!

Methane gas detectors were among the first solutions developed by Homplex in Romania, becoming the longest lasting products in the portfolio. Both wired (HD100) and radio frequency (HD100 RF) detectors have reached many homes, increasing the safety and comfort of Romanians.

Homplex has constantly strived to improve the experience with the solutions in its portfolio, and after each generation of gas detectors launched, it has taken into account feedback from partners, field professionals and end users. In this way, we have managed to keep pace with current needs and prevent unexpected situations by developing new, useful and effective solutions.

We continue to invest in innovation, adding a new methane gas detector to the Homplex portfolio – the HD100 PRO – which directly correlates with increased safety, convenience, reliability and reduced installation time for residential environments. The HD100 PRO methane gas detector brings a number of considerable improvements (over the HD100), such as up to 50% faster installation and an efficient user experience thanks to optimised testing, detection and alarm times.

Ventilation slots on the surface of the housing block water splashes from entering the electronics and collect and redirect liquids that come into contact with the detector. Such a rearrangement of the slots contributes to effective protection against liquids, so necessary in situations where the detector may come into contact with water or other liquids in the kitchen.

Due to the different positioning of the slots (compared to the HD100), ventilation is more efficient – air can reach the gas sensor faster, so the detection time of methane gas leaks is optimised.

We also paid particular attention to the button for testing the functionality of the detector, repositioning it and assigning additional protection when pressing it were two of the solutions found to prevent accidental triggering during operation of the detector.

In addition to the end-user benefits, the HD100 PRO comes with a number of enhancements for professionals in the field. One of the most important attributes is the reduction in detector mounting time due to the integral redesign of the mounting plate.

For the new HD100 PRO detectors, the mounting plate is discreetly recessed behind them, making it possible to mount the detectors flush with the wall.

The detector is fixed to the wall by clipping it to the plate with a firm movement. The replacement of the detector clamping system also helps to reduce installation time, making it intuitive and immediate.

In addition to safety and convenience, the new HD100 PRO methane gas detectors offer an enhanced experience, high quality and innovation in every home, without neglecting the ultimate utility of protective equipment.

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