Centraliser (Finder) for methane gas detectors hd200 front view Centraliser (Finder) for methane gas detectors hd200 front view Centraliser (Finder) for methane gas detectors hd200 package


The HD200 RF functions as a centraliser (Finder) for the HD100 RF methane gas detectors. The Homplex HD200 RF Finder displays the number of the detector or apartment that triggered the alarm.

It is extremely useful for housing associations or residential projects. Dozens or hundreds of methane gas detectors can be installed in parallel.




HD200 RF Verified communication
Verified communication The HD200 RF Finder communicates constantly with gas detectors as well as other Finder in the area. By sending pulses at fixed intervals, the finder checks the functionality of the equipment.
HD200 RF For complex projects
For complex projects The HD200 RF Finder together with radio frequency methane gas detectors can meet the need for safety even in large residential complexes consisting of block staircases with many apartments.
HD200 RF Always safe
Always safe The HD200 RF has a safety feature for extraordinary situations. Earthquakes, landslides, collapsing structures can damage gas supply lines, so if five or more alarms occur at the same time, the finder will shut off gas supply to all lines. . The finder in the system will display the message “Danger”.
HD200 RF High surveillance
High surveillance The HD200 RF Finder has the ability to communicate and by default, monitor up to 480 devices simultaneously.
HD200 RF See all the history!
See the whole picture! The HD200 RF Finder records and displays the number of events and alarms. It can also display all stored and unpowered devices or all deleted devices.


Power supply
230V ±10 % 50 / 60Hz
Power absorbed
Radio frequency
433 Mhz
Operating temperature
0°C ... 40°C
Storage temperature
- 10°C ... + 50°C
20% … 80% RH (non-condensing)
Protection class
Sensor type
SnO2 semiconductor
approx. 250 gr.
91 x 91 x 35 mm
Maximum distance from transmitter
aprox. 300 m unobstructed, aprox. 50 m in buildings
2 years

Frequent questions

What is the lifetime (use) of Finder Homplex HD200 RF declared by the manufacturer?
The lifespan is 5 years.
What is a type 901 finder?
The HD200 RF Finder numbered 901 is the device that synchronises the system. It is mandatory that it exists within the detection system.
What happens when the HD100 RF detects a methane gas leak?
The methane gas detector will send an alarm to the neighbouring finder. Depending on the detector ID, the HD200 RF associated with that column will shut off the gas supply. The same finder will send a column alarm that will also reach the finder on the ground floor (at the bottom of the building). This will turn off the gas.
What does a methane gas detection system consist of?
A methane gas detection system consists of HD200 RF finder devices and HD100 RF gas detectors.
Where should the Homplex finder be positioned?
The HD200 RF should be positioned on the stairwell so that it can listen for messages from nearby detectors.
Why is the message "Off" displayed?
The Finder notifies you of an inactive device. We recommend checking it.
What should be done if there is more than one gas supply column?
Our recommendation is to mount both detectors and finder for each column. The column finishers will have IDs in the range 901-931. The rest of the devices will have the function of forwarding messages.
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Homplex HD200 RF

Product code: 3716004
Centralizer (Finder) for Homplex HD100 RF gas detectors
  • Verified communication
  • For complex projects
  • Always safe
  • High surveillance
  • See the whole picture!