Fitted HFM705040 metal gas box Fitted HFM705040 metal gas box door open


The metal gas box HFM705040-G10-25 is designed to protect the gas meter and regulator from mechanical shocks. Use the HFM705040-G10-25 fitted metal gas box to restrict access to unauthorised persons.

Commonly used in the residential sector for apartments and small businesses, metal gas boxes can be purchased fully equipped for immediate use in your project. The metal gas boxes can be equipped with gas regulator and meter plate. Need help or more information? Contact a Homplex specialist now!



Fitted HFM705040 metal gas box
No prying eyes As the metal flange does not have a control window, the information available for reading can only be checked by authorised personnel.
HFM705040-G10-25 Sufficient space
Sufficient space The desired configuration can be easily mounted inside the metal gas box.
HFM705040-G10-25 Ventilation provided
Ventilation provided Thanks to the ventilation slots, the equipment inside the metal gas box is constantly ventilated and the temperature is kept at optimum parameters.


700 x 500 x 400 mm
Pietro Fiorentini FE25L
Regulator modes
25 m³/h
Gas meter plate
Gas meter gas box type
1" x 1" 1/4
Gas meter boxes


Product code:
Equipped metal gas box (for G10 gas meter)
  • No prying eyes
  • Sufficient space
  • Ventilation provided