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Homplex 19 Wi-Fi Black is a wireless programmable room thermostat (radio frequency) that can be controlled remotely. Download the Tuya Smart app to your smartphone and control your thermostat room thermostat from anywhere using an active internet connection.

Use the Homplex thermostat to automate the heating system in your home. You can integrate it into a smart home system and sync with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Control Homplex 19 Wi-Fi by voice, without touching the thermostat or your smart mobile phone. Use the room thermostat in “Manual” mode to maintain a single temperature. Use the Homplex 19 Wi-Fi in “Scheduled” mode, choosing your own daily or weekly heating scenario.

Homplex 19 Wi-Fi Black is the successor to DG19 Wi-Fi  (out of range).



Dg19 Wi-Fi control volcal google assistant amazon alexa
”Hey, Google!” Integrate the Homplex 19 Wi-Fi room thermostat into smart home control systems and enjoy voice control. The thermostat is compatible with Google Assistent, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.
Intelligent adaptation and adjustment algorithm
Learning algorithm Homplex 19 Wi-Fi will use a learning curve to recognize the ideal time to turn on the heating so you can enjoy the desired temperature at the selected time.
Works with the Tuya app
Dedicated app With the Tuya Smart app compatible with your smart thermostat you can view your heating history or share control of your Homplex 19 Wi-Fi with loved ones.
Homplex 19 Wi-Fi remote control
Quick control from anywhere Homplex 19 Wi-Fi can be controlled from work, vacation or grandparents, you'll need a smartphone and an internet connection to enjoy control from anywhere in the world!
Continuous power supply via USB port
USB port, other benefits Power the Homplex 19 Wi-Fi thermostat with the cable in the package and you'll have long-lasting display illumination.


Smart IoT
868Mhz radio frequency
Powering thermostat
3V DC, Batteries, 2 x AAA alkaline, USB cable
Thermostat display
Illuminated LCD
124 x 88 x 25 mm
Receiver size
86 x 86 x 24 mm
Receiver relay
250 VAC, 10A
Thermostat relay
250 VAC, 8A
Available working modes
Manual, Temporary Hold, Out, Scheduled
Programe available
5+1+1, 5+2, Weekly schedule, Daily schedule
Temperature scale
Hour format
24 ore
Temperature setting range
5 ºC ... 35 ºC
Temperature selection step
0.5 ºC
0.5 ºC ... 3 ºC
Hysteresis selection step
0.5 ºC
Additional functions
Intelligent temperature adjustment, settings retention, pump protection in the central unit, frost protection, temperature display recalibration
Mobile App
Tuya Smart
Application compatibility
Android, iOS
2 years

Frequent questions

How can I activate "Away" mode on Homplex 19 Wi-Fi?
The "Off" operating mode is only available on your room thermostat from the Tuya Smart app.
Why does the set temperature return to 16°C or 20°C in Homplex 19 Wi-Fi?
In "Scheduled" mode, set a room temperature for each available time slot in a heating programme. For example, for weekly programming choose 4 or 6 temperatures to cover all available time slots.
Can I extend the screen light duration on the Homplex 19 Wi-Fi?
The lighting time can be successfully extended if you select the "-" option in the setup menu (page 4) and then power the thermostat using the USB cable included in the package.
Why choose a smart thermostat for my home?
Choosing a smart thermostat such as the Homplex 19 WI-Fi gives you the ability to control it from anywhere, using just a smart mobile phone (smartphone) and an internet connection.
Why choose a thermostat compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT systems?
Choose the smart room thermostat - Homplex 19 Wi-Fi to complement your smart home solutions and voice control as many devices in your home as possible, including your central heating (room temperature).
Why does the thermostat show that it is heating, but the boiler has not started?
If the symbol for heating is displayed statis on the screen, check if another error is present. Check that the receiver has been correctly connected to the control panel. Follow the installation instructions in the user's manual for connecting the ports. Make sure that the receiver and the Homplex 19 Wi-Fi thermostat are synchronised.
Why doesn't the thermostat connect to the Tuya Smart app?
To synchronise your Homplex 19 Wi-Fi thermostat with the Tuya Smart app, check that you have followed all the steps in the user manual and the step-by-step instructions in the app.
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Wireless programmable room thermostat
  • ”Hey, Google!”
  • Learning algorithm
  • Dedicated app
  • Quick control from anywhere
  • USB port, other benefits