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The Homplex 920 DF programmable thermostat is compatible with underfloor heating. Works in conjunction with the CC210 DE wireless central unit. Homplex 920 DF and CC210 RF can communicate via radio frequency.

This model is a wireless thermostat with illuminated display and four working modes – “Programmed”, “Manual”, “Vacation” and “Off”.

Homplex 920 DF is the successor to DG920 DF (discontinued).



Homplex 920 DF Simultaneous compatibility
Ideal temperature always! Enjoy your preferred temperature whatever the time of day - with the Homplex 920 DF you can choose four or six different temperature ranges.
Homplex 920 DF No frost!
No frost! Thanks to frost protection, the installation in your home will be protected even on the coldest winter days.
Underfloor heating thermostat DG920 DF front view
Adjusts intensity Choose the degree of display illumination to preserve visual comfort. You can select a value in the range 005 – 100.
Underfloor heating thermostat DG920 DF front view
Simultaneous compatibility The Homplex 920 DF thermostat is compatible with NTC floor temperature sensors - just change the sensitivity in the configuration menu, no further costs.
Homplex 920 DF Ideal temperature always!
Floor? Radiators? Stay flexible and choose the type of heating that suits you. The Homplex 920 DF can control only the room temperature or the floor temperature, or both simultaneously.


Underfloor heating
Thermostat power supply
3VDC, Batteries, 2 x AA alkaline
Wireless, 868Mhz
Thermostat display
Illuminated LCD
86 x 86 x 24 mm
Available working modes
Manual, Temporary hold, Scheduled
Temperature control modes
Environmental only (radiators), Floor only, Floor and ambiental
Available programs
5 + 1 + 1, 5 + 2, Weekly schedule, Daily schedule
Temperature scale
Hour format
12 hrs / 24 hrs
Temperature setting interval
5 ºC ... 40 ºC
External sensor temperature setting interval
0 ºC ... 90 ºC
Temperature setting step
0.5 ºC
0.5 ºC ... 5 ºC
Hysteresis setting step
0.5 ºC
Display intensity
5 - 100
Aditional features
NTC sensitivity switching (temperature sensor), Frost protection, Floor protection (maximum temperature), Smart recovery
2 years

Frequent questions

The DG920 DF displays one of the error messages - ER1, ER2, ER3 or ER4. What is the reason?
When any of the messages are displayed on the floor heating thermostat screen, one of its sensors is experiencing a technical problem. Please contact the Technical Department to check.
The temperature in the room is less than 5ºC, but the programmable thermostat did not turn on the heating, why?
Check that frost protection is active - if it is disabled from the setup menu, the DG920 DF thermostat will not start heating when the temperature has dropped below 5ºC.
The heating hasn't come on, even though the temperature in the home is lower than set, why?
Go to the configuration menu and check which hysteresis is set - to achieve ideal thermal comfort in a short time, we recommend selecting 0.5ºC, so that the heating is switched on if the temperature has dropped by half a degree. If the heating has not started, even if you have checked the hysteresis setting, the sensor for the room may be short-circuited or faulty. Contact the technical department.
The DG920 DF thermostat screen is flashing too bright, what can I do?
The display light intensity can be changed from the setup menu - you can choose any of the values 005 - 100, where 005 is the lowest light intensity.
The battery symbol is displayed on the Homplex 920 DF
To work properly, we recommend replacing the batteries as soon as possible with new, alkaline ones. Do not use batteries.
Wireless thermostats

Homplex 920 DF

Product code: 3713643
Programmable thermostat for underfloor heating, wall mounted, wireless control
  • Ideal temperature always!
  • No frost!
  • Adjusts intensity
  • Simultaneous compatibility
  • Floor? Radiators?