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The HD100 PRO RF wireless methane gas detector is a state-of-the-art device designed and built in Romania. The HD100 PRO RF will communicate with an Homplex HD200 RF gas finder. This wireless methane gas detector will send an alert to the network Finder (centraliser), triggering the solenoid valve on the main gas column of the building (or block staircase).

The wireless gas detector has been designed to eliminate the inconvenience of drilling through walls, a necessary action for the cable route to the solenoid valve. It allows immediate installation and plug-and-play activation via the mounting plate socket powering. The radio frequency detector together with the Homplex HD200 RF Finder allows very fast and efficient connection of a large number of apartments. The alarm signal is transmitted via radio waves over a distance of 50 to 300 m.  Thanks to the carefully calibrated sensor, the risk of false alarms is reduced.



Homplex HD100 PRO RF powerful wireless gas detector siren
Powerful alarm You'll hear it immediately when it triggers the alarm/electrovalve thanks to the 85 decibel piezo siren!
Easy attachment of Homplex HD100 PRO RF wireless gas detector cables
Easier to secure cables Protect cables from accidental pulling out with clips in a single movement, simply and quickly.
Liquid protection wireless gas detector Homplex HD100 PRO RF
Splash resistant Redirects liquids away from electronic components. IP42.
Homplex HD100 PRO RF wireless gas detector clear markings
Clear marking Discover relevant information and a QR code you can scan to learn more about your detector
Activating the Homplex HD100 PRO RF wireless gas detector
Quick activation It only takes 60 seconds from power up to methane gas detection activation!
Homplex HD100 PRO RF Even 300 m coverage
Wireless communication Fewer holes in the walls, the detector communicates with the HD200 RF Finder via radio frequency.
HD100 PRO Solid fixing plate
Solid mounting plate Fitted with hardened, fine adjustment paths for screws. Will be perfectly aligned with the wall.
HD100 PRO RF Complex networks with HD200 RF
Build complex networks You're more efficient - Homplex HD100 PRO RF detectors are factory paired!
HD100 PRO RF Efficient gas sensor
Efficient gas sensor Very carefully calibrated to reduce and eliminate false alarms.
Homplex HD100 PRO RF wireless gas detector test button
Easy testing You can always test if your detector is working properly. Check the manual for the correct test procedure.
Homplex HD100 PRO RF wireless gas detector visible light signals
Powerful light signals The detector is equipped with powerful SMD LEDs, the light signals are visible in all conditions.


Gas detected
CH4 Methane gas
Installation time
Approx. 3-5 minutes (without fitting the solenoid valve to the pipe or holes in the walls)
Alarm level
10% L.E.L.
Sensor type
SnO2 semiconductor
Sensor lifespan
min. 5 years
Piezoelectric, 85 dB at 1 m
Operating temperature
0°C ... 40°C
Storage temperature
- 10°C ... + 50°C
20% … 80% RH (non-condensing)
Power supply
230V ±10 % 50 / 60Hz
Power absorbed
1.5 VA
Status check
Test button
Protection class
91 x 91 x 35 mm
approx. 250 gr.
Case material
2 years

Frequent questions

Why is the yellow LED always on?
This indicator warns that the gas sensor is not working properly. Contact a Homplex representative to identify the cause and/or replace the methane gas detector. As long as the yellow LED is lit, the detector does not measure and does not respond if the dangerous level of methane gas in the room is exceeded!
I smell gas, but the detector doesn't react
The unpleasant and easily recognisable smell (an unpleasant sulphurous odour) of natural gas used in homes is due to odorant additives, such as tert-butylthiol, which are used for safety. Most people can detect this smell at fairly low levels of gas concentration (2% L.I.E. or less), but certain disabilities or advancing age can lead to a reduction in this smell sensitivity. The L.I.E. (Lower Explosive Limit) of the gas defines the minimum volume ratio of combustible gas or vapour in the air in which an explosive atmosphere will form. The detector is calibrated to trigger the alarm at the threshold of 10% of the L.I.E. of the detected gas. Thus, it is possible for a person to smell gas before the alarm is activated. This does not necessarily indicate a fault in the device. For humans, a gradual increase in gas concentration may also go unnoticed due to olfactory fatigue. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
How can I tell if the detector is working properly?
After powering up, wait 15 seconds for the self-test process to complete. When this process is complete the red and orange LEDs will go out and the green LED will light solid. Press the Test button for 5 seconds to verify. The detector will acoustically and visually signal a possible danger and send a signal to close the solenoid valve.
Wireless gas detectors

NEW! Wired methane gas detector – Homplex HD100 PRO RF

Product code: 3715058
Homplex wireless (radio frequency) methane gas detector.
  • Powerful alarm
  • Easier to secure cables
  • Splash resistant
  • Clear marking
  • Quick activation
  • Wireless communication
  • Solid mounting plate
  • Build complex networks
  • Efficient gas sensor
  • Easy testing
  • Powerful light signals