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The Homplex HDX230 PRO methane gas detector is a state-of-the-art device designed and built with a strong emphasis on safety. It is part of a series of Homplex innovations aimed at the gas industry and offers a number of improvements such as short installation time, better liquid protection, fully redesigned mounting plate and more. The detector is designed to work with normally open or normally closed solenoid valves and is ideal for integration into BMS systems for residential premises. The Homplex HDX230 PRO gas detector can control either Normally Open or Normally Closed solenoid valves. It is provided with ND, NC and COM ports for each detector status (Power, Fault, Alarm). The detector can be powered at 24V DC or AC/DC. Electrical actuation: dry contact, NÎ/ND relays max. 3 A at 120 VAC for all signals (Alarm, Fault and Power).

The methane gas detector is an electrical device that contributes to increased safety in premises where methane gas-fuelled appliances (including domestic gas consumers) are used, especially in residential environments. Its purpose is to detect leaks of methane gas in the room and alert people to their presence by visual and acoustic signals.

In addition, the operating principle of the gas detector may include communication with the solenoid valve (via an external, additional relay). Thus, the gas detector sends an electrical impulse to the installed solenoid valve to stop the gas supply in due time. In order for it to work correctly, you need to consider where the gas detector is mounted.  The Homplex detector should be installed in high places (around 30 cm from the ceiling) because methane gas is lighter than air. We recommend avoiding installing the equipment in places where it may come into direct contact with water vapour, oil droplets or smoke, as can happen near the cooker. Also, the gas detector should not be mounted in an enclosed space (in a cupboard, or behind a curtain), above the sink or in a space with high humidity, near a door, window or fan, or in an area where the temperature may reach -10°C or above +40°C.

It is important to know when the gas sensor is triggered – in general, the gas detector is triggered when it detects a build-up of methane gas in the room from leaks, depending on the sensitivity of the sensor.




Homplex HDX230 PRO status ports
Ports for each detector state Status ports (Power, Fault, Alarm) to monitoring systems.
Powerful siren methane gas detector Homplex HDX230 PRO
Powerfull alarm You’ll hear it immediately when it triggers the alarm/electrovalve thanks to the 85 decibel piezoelectric siren!
Easy to attach cables Homplex methane gas detector HDX230 PRO
Easily attached cables Protect your cables from accidental pulling out with clips, in one simple and quick motion.
Liquid protection methane gas detector Homplex HDX230 PRO
High degree of protection Redirects liquids away from electronic components. IP42.
Clear markings on the back of the Homplex HDX230 PRO methane gas detector
Clear marking Discover relevant information and a QR code you can scan to learn more about your detector
Terminal normally open normally closed methane gas detector Homplex HDX230 PRO
NC or NO? The detector is provided with dry contacts NC/NO 3A 120VAC
Homplex HDX230 PRO methane gas detector mounting plate
Solid fixing plate Fitted with hardened, fine adjustment paths for screws. Its thickness has been recessed inside the detector.
Activating the Homplex HDX230 PRO methane gas detector
Speed of activation It only takes 15 seconds from power up to methane gas detection activation!
Homplex HDX230 PRO methane gas detector test button
Quick test The Test button is recessed and harder to press, so you avoid accidentally triggering the test mode when the detector is cleaned.


Gas detected
CH4 Methane gas
Alarm threshold
8 - 10% L.E.L.
Sensor type
SnO2 semiconductor
Sensor lifespan
min. 5 years
Solenoid valve relay contact output
Dry contact (volt free), NO/NC relays max. 3A at 120VAC
Piezoelectric, 85 dB at 1 m
Operating temperature
0°C ... 40°C
Storage temperature
- 10°C ... + 50°C
20% ... 80% RH (non condensing)
Power consumption
Power supply
230VAC -15%...+10% 50/60Hz
Status check
Test button
Protection class
95 x 95 x 40 mm
Case material
Approx. 250 gr.
Installation time
Approx. 3-5 minute
2 years

Frequent questions

Why is the yellow LED always on?
This indicator warns that the gas sensor is not working properly. Contact a Homplex representative to identify the cause and/or replace the methane gas detector. As long as the yellow LED is lit, the detector does not measure and does not respond if the dangerous level of methane gas in the room is exceeded!
How can I tell if the detector is working properly?
After powering up, wait 15 seconds for the self-test process to complete. When this process is complete the red and orange LEDs will go out and the green LED will light solid. Press the Test button for 5 seconds to verify. The detector will acoustically and visually signal a possible danger and send a signal to close the solenoid valve.
Wired methane gas detectors

NEW! 230V triggering methane gas detector – Homplex HDX230 PRO

Product code: 3714949
Wired methane gas detector
  • Ports for each detector state
  • Powerfull alarm
  • Easily attached cables
  • High degree of protection
  • Clear marking
  • NC or NO?
  • Solid fixing plate
  • Speed of activation
  • Quick test