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The Homplex MF12000 magnetic filter has been specially developed for heating systems – underfloor or with radiators. The Homplex MF12000 magnetic filter protects, prevents and prolongs the service life of the heating system and the heating circuit. It helps to remove iron oxide, deposits and impurities from the system resulting from installation or normal operation. High-performance neodymium magnetic rod with 5 segments. Fast cleaning in up to 5 minutes. Large filtration capacity, 300ml cup. High pressure resistant up to 1200kPa. Thanks to the included 360⁰ connection coupling, it can be installed in any position. For lower capacity try the Magnetic and dirt separator filter Homplex MF9000.


Use this filter only in radiant floor heating or radiator circuits to protect the heating system from deposits.
Installation must be carried out by an authorised installer.
This filter contains a very strong magnet, protecting the magnetic rod from ferrous objects and accidental impact.
Removes sensitive equipment that can be affected by strong magnetic fields, especially cards (with magnetic stripe) or medical equipment (implants, etc.).
Use only suitable protective and mounting equipment.
After mounting this filter will be under pressure and at high temperatures. Release the pressure and wait for the water in the installation to cool down for intervention. Danger of burns!
For your safety, before any intervention, check that the pipes and the boiler are properly grounded!

What is a magnetic filter?

A magnetic filter for underfloor heating systems is an ingenious and useful solution for optimising the performance of these systems. Placed within the water circulation circuit, this compact and easy-to-install device becomes an effective guardian of flawless floor heating operation. The powerful magnet inside the filter attracts and retains ferromagnetic particles, such as rust, metal fragments or limescale sediment, which can cause clogging or corrosion in the system.

As the heating fluid passes through the magnetic filter, it removes captured particles, keeping the pipes and components clean and free of build-up. This preventative action helps extend the life of the entire system, preventing damage or potential defects caused by impurities.

Another important advantage of the magnetic filter is that it reduces the need for regular maintenance and cleaning of equipment. By continuously filtering and removing magnetic particles, the risk of build-up in pipes and heat exchangers is minimised, thus counteracting reduced hot water flow and reduced system performance.

Installation of the filter is quick and can be carried out at various points in the water circuit, either before or after the circulation pump or before the heater. This versatility in installation makes it suitable for a variety of floor heating system configurations.




Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 Magnetic rod with 5 segments
NEODIM - Filters out the finest particles 5-segment rod, min.12000 Gauss NEODIM magnets
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 Cyclone sedimentation filter
Tornado cyclone filter Integrated high capacity dirt separator filter.
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 360 degree coupling
360⁰ connection coupling Facilitates mounting the filter in any position.
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 Purge valve with key included
Purging impurities valve Quickly purge impurities collected in the glass. The lid can be used as a tap.
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 Cup tightening key
Cup wrench included Squeeze or separate the cup very easily with the included key.
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 System air venting valve
Maximum efficiency Uses the integrated vent valve to exhaust air from the system.
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 3/4 taps
Circuit isolation taps Diamentru 3/4, included in the package, commonly used in residential installations.
Homplex Ultra Pure MF12000 Service timer
Service counter No lost notes, easily mark when the next revision is due!


Type of filtration
Magnetic and dirt
Magnet type
Permanent Neodim
Magnet power
12000 Gauss
Number of magnetic segments
Filtration rate
<50L / minute
Working temperature
+4 ... +95⁰C
Working pressure
Maximum pressure
Circuit isolation connections
2 taps, normal threads, 3/4"
Cup volume
Cup colour
Fittings colour
Mounting position
Positioning in the circuit
Before the boiler
Weight (including accessories)
5 years
Tap heads
Cup diameter
Filter height
Filter width with attached connection
Maximum possible height

Frequent questions

Can I mount the filter in the circuit after the boiler?
For best results, we recommend that you fit the fitter BEFORE boiler. In this place the temperature is lower and gives less stress to the filter. In addition, this is the last place before boiler, so there is a maximum chance of retaining as much of the impurities released from the system at the last moment as possible, without them reaching it.
What is magnetite?
Magnetite is a mineral composed mainly of iron oxide (Fe3O4) and has strong magnetic properties. In the context of an anti-magnetite filter used in heating circuits, the term "magnetite" refers to the deposits of iron oxide particles that can form in the heating system. In heating systems such as central heating or underfloor heating systems, water is often used as a heating medium. During heating and cooling cycles, oxygen dissolved in the water can cause oxidation of components in the system, especially iron or steel parts. This oxidation can lead to the formation of small iron oxide particles, known as magnetite, which can circulate in the heating system and deposit in various components such as radiators, pipes or heat exchangers.
What happens if I don't use an anti-magnetic and contamination filter?
Magnetite deposits can have several negative effects on the heating system: Reduced thermal efficiency: Magnetite deposited on the internal surfaces of thermal components can decrease heat transfer and reduce system efficiency. Pipe blockage: Magnetite deposits can build up in pipes, narrowing the flow of water and reducing the proper circulation of the thermal agent. Noise and vibration: Magnetite can cause noise or vibration in the heating system during circulation, which can lead to discomfort for users. Corrosion development: Magnetite deposits can promote corrosion of iron or steel components, damaging the installation over time. Anti-magnetic filters are used in heating systems to prevent these problems. These filters are designed to capture and trap magnetite particles in the system, preventing them from reaching critical components.
Thermics and HVAC

Magnetic and dirt separator filter Homplex MF12000

Product code: 3715028
Magnetic and dirt separator filter
  • NEODIM - Filters out the finest particles
  • Tornado cyclone filter
  • 360⁰ connection coupling
  • Purging impurities valve
  • Cup wrench included
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Circuit isolation taps
  • Service counter