Termostat inteligent Homplex NX1

Confort și economii inteligente pentru tine și familia ta

Premium și ușor de utilizat

We’ve developed a thermostat to help you save money on heating your home. It’s user-friendly, repositionable, intuitive and easy to use, regardless of age or technical ability, with a design that can be incorporated into a variety of styles and is very easy to install. 

Discover a smart thermostat controlled via the internet from anywhere in the world with the Homplex app, continuously maintained and updated via remote update technology – a commitment almost non-existent in other thermostats available in Romania.

3 colours, one to suit your style

Humidity sensor as standard

Homplex is the first company in Romania to introduce ambient humidity measurement as a default option. Important if you have allergies, respiratory problems or want a strict environment for babies. 

Take advantage and regularly check the humidity level in your home – displayed on the thermostat screen or in the Homplex app – without additional tools or upgrading to more expensive equipment.

Save time and money

You can install it very quickly. We’ve included everything you need in the package for easy installation. All you need is a drill (optional because you can use the double-sided adhesive stiker in the package) and an internet connection. This saves you money even before you start the thermostat.

You’ll spend less time on installation, talk to a Homplex specialist about how simple the installation process is which we’ve optimised down to the last detail.

Ongoing support and benefits

Manuals, video guides, detailed web pages, free technical support, a call centre and a professional team ready to help you. You get a complete experience that continues after purchase or installation.

The Thermostat

Change the temperature or navigate through settings by turning the ergonomic ring and simply press the black dial to confirm, unlock or access the menu. So simple.

All the information you need is available at a glance. Ambient and set temperature, humidity level, time and other system details are displayed simultaneously without any further action required. After connecting the thermostat with the Homplex app, available in the AppStore or Google Play, the exact time will be automatically synchronized

The Receiver

It is designed to provide the link between the thermostat, the heating system and the Homplex application (via the Internet and a Wi-Fi network). Place it next to the central heating unit and connect the control cable between the receiver and the port. Using the built-in relay, the receiver will turn the heating on or off. It can operate independently of the application (but without the Scheduled mode option) or completely independently by activating the manual override function.

Configuration is done with a single button and the status of the receiver is communicated by colour using the illuminated ring around it.

Homplex application

Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, the Homplex app adds new features to your thermostat. Use Schedule mode and create complex heating scenarios with more than 10 time slots for each day. Quickly share your thermostat with loved ones and check your home ambient information anytime.

Save time

The thermostat and receiver are factory synchronised. Just connect it to the Internet, download the Homplex app, make a user account and connect the thermostat to your Wi-Fi network.


All cables supplied in the package are secured with terminal pins. Eliminates the risk of a short circuit and makes it easier to connect to the straps.


Adjust the settings with the rotary ring and press the screen to confirm. Change the temperature easily and intuitively or navigate the thermostat menu with a few gestures. Extremely easy to use, from small to large! Everyone in the family will be able to use it from the first moment.

Live smart

Control all Homplex devices from anywhere in the world. You get a modern app in English or Romanian that enhances your thermostat with extensive features. Adjust the temperature, create programs tailored to your needs, share your thermostat with loved ones. It’s just some of what you can do, right from your mobile phone.

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Borcea AlexBorcea Alex
18:49 01 Sep 23
Foarte mulțumit de profesionalismul lor !!
Elena AdamElena Adam
12:37 31 Aug 23
Am avut o problema cu detectorul de gaz iar aceasta a fost rezolvata intr-un termen foarte scurt. Recomand cu incredere!
16:20 30 Aug 23
Homplex NX1Foarte mulțumit.Produs românesc de foarte buna calitate.Mulțumesc echipei Homplex și in special d-lui Enescu... pentru promptitudine și profesionalism.Recomand cu încredere.read more
pyter Nitapyter Nita
11:30 29 Aug 23
Am achiziționat de curând un termostat wireless Nx1 de la Homplex,si am avut ceva probleme cu sincronizarea la.reteaua wifi... din locuință. Am contactat suportul tehnic oferit de Homplex unde am avut placerea de a discuta cu dl Mircea Enescu ,care ma indrumat pentru rezolvarea problemei . Recomand cu încredere produsele Homplex !read more
r mr m
10:56 07 Aug 23
Am / am avut o problema in perioada de garantie ,cu un termostat HOMPLEX NX1_la care in mod aleatoriu se pierdea legatura... dintre Receptor si aplicatie si revenea la normal, tot aleatoriu ,dupa cateva ore sau zile.Inainte de a-l expedia la SERVICE , am luat legatura cu coordonatorul tehnic dl.Mircea Enescu.Dansul , cu mult tact , pricepere si folosind o exprimare usor de inteles de catre orice utilizator , mi-a sugerat sa incerc cateva manevre care ar putea sa mi rezolve problema.Am tinut cont de sfatul primit si astazi se implinesc trei saptamani de cand nu s-a mai manifestat anomalia.Anterior, disfunctia se manifesta camla 2-4 zile.Am stabilit cu dl. Enescu , ca fiind o manifestare ATIPICĂ, sa tin in continuare sub observatie aparatulsi la nevoie , daca anomalia se va manifesta din nou ,sa revin telefonic pentru a stabili modul de expediere in service a aparatului.Remusread more
Vasile PopaVasile Popa
05:15 03 Aug 23
O experienta plăcută trăită de mine cu aceasta firma pt promptitudinea cu care m-au ajutat sa revitalizez avertizorul care... nu a mai funcționat după ce am zugrăvit. Indicații precise pt demontarea avertizorului și trimiterea lui la verificat, returnarea în cel mai scurt timp și îndrumările necesare montării și repunerii în funcțiune. Recomand achiziționarea avertizorului Homplex pt siguranță locuinței si mentenanță ireproșabilă.read more