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November 24, 2022

Homplex NX1 – Warm family review

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It’s here, autumn it’s here

Give me that blanket, too!

Because the house is cold…

and gas is very expensive.

There’s really no need to rhyme.

First, I want to clarify that when I say “wireless thermostat”, I mean a thermostat that is not fixed, it is not wired to the central unit, so you can move it to any room.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to even and efficient home heating, I’ve always had a problem. Specifically, the thermostat for the central heating is mounted in the living room, because that’s where we live. The living room in general is a larger room than the bedrooms, has more windows, possibly more walls outside, which is why it cools down faster than the bedrooms and heats up more slowly.

This means that in order to have a comfortable temperature at night in the bedrooms (not too hot, but not too cold), I still have to turn off the taps on the radiators. Which wouldn’t be a problem, I did that for a while, I just ended up adjusting them a lot, which is annoying.

We had this problem in Romania, we also have it in the Netherlands, but here it is even more acute because the house we live in is worse insulated than the apartment in Bucharest, so since we are here the radiators in the bedrooms are simply turned off, because I don’t feel like looking at them every night. We prefer it to be a little cooler at night (18-19 degrees) than not being able to sleep because it’s too hot.

You’re going to laugh, but even as I was writing this article I had to explain to my mother-in-law, who is visiting these days, that the reason it’s colder in the attic is not because the heater doesn’t work, but because the attic is poorly insulated and therefore cools down faster than the rest of the house, and that to get 20-21 degrees in the attic I’d have to put 21-22 degrees in the living room, which for us would be too hot, as we’re now used to 20 degrees.

It can be said that the problem described above is not so serious… or rather it wasn’t until this year when gas prices are giving us all the creeps.

In fact, when we have the thermostat in the living room, we basically heat the living room at night just to heat the bedrooms. And that’s a waste of gas, because the living room is bigger and cools more easily, so we use more gas to maintain a constant temperature in the living room than would be needed for the bedrooms, where we stay at night.

The solution is to control the central heating directly based on the temperature in the bedroom, not to try to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom by controlling the central heating based on the temperature in the living room. At night I don’t need it to be a constant or comfortable temperature in the living room, I don’t live there. The temperature in the living room can vary between 17 and 19 without any problems, I am interested in having a constant 20 degrees in the bedroom. I just have no way to do that because I have the wired thermostat that is mounted in the living room.

A mobile thermostat saves energy. You simply move it to the room you’re staying in and it controls the central heating according to the temperature in that room, not another.


Homplex is a Romanian manufacturer of solutions designed to enhance comfort and safety in residential and industrial environments. Their product range includes, among many others, thermostats and gas detectors, which is to say that this is neither their first thermostat nor their first smart thermostat – they have experience in the field.

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