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The guarantee certificate is only valid in the presence of the original tax invoice or receipt provided by the partner shop or Homplex (in the case of direct purchases) at the time of purchase.

The guarantee certificate is in the box, either separately or attached to the user manual. It must be completed at the time of purchase by the partner shop or Homplex (in the case of direct purchases).

Warranty certificates generally contain useful information on storage, use, cleaning and handling of the purchased product – read them carefully!

The warranty certificate should be kept for the entire warranty period (24 months / 2 years for individuals according to the legislation in force), facilitating the process of verification and resolution in the event of a technical situation arising from the purchased product.

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How do you benefit from the warranty?

General conditions to avoid loss of warranty.

Products for industrial or special purpose use have different guarantee conditions. Contact a Homplex specialist for more details!

Homplex thermostats and gas detectors

  • The following information is for general information purposes only and does not replace the warranty certificates acquired at the time of purchase. Technical documentation, user manuals, warranty certificates or terms and conditions of use of Homplex platforms or applications may be updated without prior notice. 
  • Under current legislation, Homplex thermostats or gas detectors are guaranteed for 2 years (24 months) for natural and legal persons (if the latter purchase them for commercial operation).
  • Consumer rights are laid down in Ordinance 21/1992, updated on 27.12.2008, and in Law 449/2003, regulated by GEO 174/2008.
  • The 24 months that the product is covered by the warranty are calculated from the time of purchase by the End Customer (you). The warranty certificate is only valid in the presence of the original invoice or receipt provided by the Retailer (Shop) when you purchased the product. The documents must be in good condition, legible, without alterations or damage.
  • Homplex S.A. certifies that your product has been manufactured in accordance with European Union standards, using appropriate technologies and materials. The average life of the product is 5 years, with the proviso that it must be used according to the specifications in the user manual in the product box.
  • At the time of purchase, the Buyer is obliged to notify both the Manufacturer (Homplex S.A.) and the partner store of any non-conformity of the product within 48 hours, including physical defects (screen damage, scratches, etc.), missing, incomplete or damaged accessories (e.g. wall bracket or desk stand) and documentation (voucher or invoice, user manual, warranty certificate).
  • The product warranty is nominal and cannot be passed on to another person!
  • Installation, use and handling of the product by persons who do not have full sensory and motor capabilities or who do not have knowledge of the safe use of electronic devices is prohibited.
  • Minors must not use the machine without an adult responsible for their safety in order to avoid accidents.
  • It is forbidden to handle and use active sources of electricity during the installation of the product, as mishandling or accidental touching of uninsulated cables may pose a fatal danger to the Consumer. We recommend that the appliance is installed by an authorised person who has been made aware of the rules of protection and safety at work.
  • The appliance must not be used in areas where there is a risk of explosion (e.g. rooms where natural gas is accumulating), electrocution or fire. The appliance must not be used in the presence of chemicals of any kind.
  • Homplex S.A. is not responsible for any accident, defect or technical situation arising from faulty or improper connection, handling, installation or storage of the purchased product.

Recommendations for the safe use of Homplex products:

  • Transport the purchased product in the original packaging, together with the protective foil (if applicable) to avoid damage caused by the product. Do not put any heavy objects on the product that could damage the equipment inside the box and make sure it is in a dry place..
  • Store the product (if applicable) in a positive temperature environment, away from excessive heat (maximum 50 °C) and moisture.
  • Use only new alkaline batteries for your thermostat (according to the compatible model specified in the user manual) that are not leaking, deformed or otherwise damaged..
  • When the thermostat warns that the batteries are flat, replace them with compliant ones as soon as possible.
  • Inspect the alkaline batteries inside the thermostat every 6 months and replace them if they show damage of any kind.
  • When using the product, make sure it is located away from sources of heat (spotlights, radiators, electrical equipment) or moisture, draughty aisles or doors and windows that are always open.
  • Do not position the thermostat inside furniture, in direct sunlight, behind curtains or drapes.
  • If you choose to mount the thermostat on the wall, make sure there is a distance of 130-150 cm between it and the floor.
  • Clean the product using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use cleaning agents, especially if their composition is chemical, sponges or corrosive materials..
  • If you don’t use the thermostat for a long time, turn it off and remove its batteries.

Situations in which the Homplex product warranty will be lost and voided:

  • The purchased product has not been used in accordance with the purpose stipulated in the user manual/user guide and implicitly, the purpose for which it was created.
  • During storage, handling or use the information in the product documents, including that specified in the previous paragraph, has not been observed.
  • Traces of moisture, water or other liquids have been found in the component parts of the product
  • The alkaline batteries used were not replaced on time and no action was taken when they were damaged. The product also loses its warranty if it has been used with another type of battery not recommended in the manual/guide or in this certificate.
  • Intervened in the product outside the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The product has been modified by unauthorised persons, such as the disassembly of components and, where appropriate, their replacement with parts other than the original parts (those recommended by the manufacturer).
  • The situation in which Homplex authorised personnel find that the damage and deterioration of the purchased product is due to faulty use and maintenance, overuse of the appliance or incorrect installation of the appliance.
  • A situation where functionality is affected in whole or in part by the action of external factors such as mechanical or electrical shock (overvoltage), excessive heat, humidity, the action of chemicals, fire or short-circuiting.

Procedure for repair or replacement of a defective product under warranty

  • For the technical verification of the product and the provision of a quotation (conclusion) in order to resolve a situation, your product must be returned to the Manufacturer as soon as possible. The package must contain the purchased product together with all accessories, proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) and the guarantee certificate.
  • Before sending it, please call us on 0374.49.49.49 (weekdays, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00, normal time) or write to us at service@homplex.ro. We will assess the situation you report and give you feedback on whether to send the product back for inspection – this process eliminates situations where the product is returned unjustifiably without a genuine technical fault..
  • If our specialists find that the product has been returned unjustified and is functioning properly, you will have to pay both the cost of transport (round trip) and the inspection fee.
  • If the product has proven manufacturing defects, both the costs of transport and the costs of bringing the product back into conformity or replacement will be borne by Homplex S.A. during the warranty period. To the standard warranty period (24 months according to the legislation in force) will be added the period during which the product is being serviced and the customer cannot use the product – thus the product warranty will be extended.
  • Homplex S.A. will try to provide the Customer with the service quotation and, implicitly, the solution (replacement of the product or bringing it to confirmation) within a maximum of 15 working days calculated from the moment of receipt of the parcel in service..