Homplex HD100 PRO RF barbat gateste cu detector in cadru

How do you take care of your methane gas detector? 8 useful tips.

We often only pay attention to the gas detector when it goes off and in serious situations when it doesn’t.

A methane gas detector is very important in your household and helps you prevent serious situations such as methane gas poisoning or explosions due to dangerous build-up.

It is usually installed together with an solenoid, placed on the gas circuit (pipe), which will shut off the methane gas supply at the slightest sign of danger, usually a factory-calibrated minimum level of gas in the air.

But in order to be effective, the gas detector needs to be maintained and that’s why we’ve prepared 8 tips for you to follow to make your gas detector as effective as the first day!

 Clean your detector every 6 months

and keep it clean and free of deposits. Use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner (without touching the detector with the nozzle) and make sure that the ventilation slots of the detector are clear and free of deposits.

✅ Testează detectorul regulat

Use the Test button to check the triggering of the solenoid valve and check the internal sensor. ⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️ If several dwellings (e.g. flats, duplexes) are connected to a common electronic system, testing the detector may stop the methane gas supply to your neighbors and the supply must be resumed with all consumers switched off (e.g. stoves). We recommend that you and your neighbors agree on a few days a year when you should carry out these tests, possibly with an authorized specialist present.

✅ Protect detector from excessive sources of heat and moisture.

Don’t use sprays when you want to clean it, don’t cook with the kitchen unventilated – open a window, make sure the ventilation is working, etc).

✅ Regularly check indicator lights

of the detector that may signal a possible problem: Power indicator – GREEN 🟢 led which will light up immediately after the detector has been powered;

Alarm indicator – led 🔴 RED – methane gas detected; Fault indicator – led 🟡YELLOW – detector is not working within factory parameters or internal sensor is faulty.

Detector de gaz metan

✅ Instruct children not to touch,

unplug or interfere with the operation of the detector. It is important that they also understand the importance of the gas detector and what to do if it goes off.

✅ Do not use strong chemical solutions

or paints around the detector, some can generate fine deposits on the detection component (sensor) in the detector and limit or even prevent its operation. If still necessary, temporarily apply a bag or cloth to protect the detector, air thoroughly afterwards, AND DO NOT USE GAS during this period. Don’t forget to remove the bag/cloth at the end!

✅ Do not throw away the detector user guide

It contains important information about the detector and the manufacturer or installer that may be useful when needed.

Manual detector de gaz metan

✅ Replace your Homplex gas detector on time!

Do not exceed the maximum recommended duration of use of 5 years. Note in the user guide or with a marker/stiker on the housing (unless your installer has already done so) the date when it needs replacing. The reasons for timely replacement are many and serious but perhaps the most important is not to save money when your safety and that of your family is at stake. Contact your installer or the manufacturer at the end of the detector’s life and ask for a replacement.

Read on for our article on reasons or situations that can trigger methane gas detectors.

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