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Homplex HTRV23 Smart thermostatic radiator valve can be controlled remotely via the Internet with the Tuya app. Available for iOS and Android operating systems.

This radiator valve is used in conjunction with the HG23 control hub (gateway, not included in the package) which functions as a central Wi-Fi control unit.

The simplest solution for smart heating control is to replace the traditional radiator control system with a Homplex HTRV23 Smart Thermostatic Valve. This allows you to have the control you want over your heating via your mobile app. You can build custom scenarios and reduce heating costs in a cost-effective way.

The compact and discreet design of the Homplex HTRV23 Smart Thermostatic Valve blends elegantly into any space, bringing a touch of intelligence and elegance. With the Tuya Smart app, you can expand your scenarios and with the Homplex HG23 smart gateway, you can connect and control your smart home equipment from anywhere.

Compatibility with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allows you to easily control various heating scenarios via voice commands thus bringing an extra level of convenience to your smart heating management experience.

What is a smart thermostatic tap (or smart thermostatic head)?

A smart thermostatic valve is an innovation in efficient home temperature control, offering users a higher level of convenience and energy savings. This advanced device replaces traditional radiator valves, allowing precise temperature regulation in every room.

Its operation is based on smart technology and connectivity to the local network or internet. Using a dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet, users can set and control individual temperatures for each room or zone. This allows comfort to be customised according to preferences and needs.

A key aspect of the smart thermostatic head’s operation is the built-in temperature sensor, which constantly measures room temperature. Based on these measurements, the thermostatic head automatically adjusts the flow of water to the radiator to maintain the desired temperature. This prevents overheating or underheating, helping to save energy.

Another notable feature is automatic programming or creating custom programs. For instance users can set heating programmes according to schedule or preference. This ensure a comfortable environment when needed and saving energy during periods of inactivity.


  1. Intuitive operation with a single rotary knob,
  2. Ergonomic design, LED display hidden under the housing,
  3. Compatible with most radiators, accessories included,
  4. Internet control with Tuya app, integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa,
  5. Open window detection,
  6. Limescale prevention function,
  7. Child-Lock function,
  8. Frost protection,
  9. Low battery warning,
  10. Manual takeover (temporary).

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Homplex HTRV23 Smart Thermostatic Faucet Works with Tuya
Works with the Tuya app Control your equipment remotely.
Homplex HTRV23 Smart Thermostatic Valve Zigbee Compatible
Zigbee compatible Simplifies the integration and expansion of diverse smart device networks.
Homplex HTRV23 Smart thermostatic valve compatible with most radiators
Accessories included Along with the manual in the package you find adapters for every situation!
Homplex HTRV23 Smart Thermostatic Valve button
Rotary knob Control the valve with a single button
Homplex HTRV23 Smart thermostatic valve with LED under housing
Hidden display The display is hidden under the housing


Power supply
3V, 2 alkaline type AA batteries
Battery life under normal working conditions
approx. 1 year
Operating temperature
+5°C ... +60°C
Measured/displayed temperature range
0°C ... +50°C
Temperature setting range
+5°C ... +30°C
Temperature change step
Frequency of communication
2,4Ghz, max. 30m
94,3 x 55 x 55 mm
M30x1.5mm + adapters
Protection class
Additional functions
Limescale prevention, Child-Lock, Frost protection, Temporary manual pick-up, Low battery warning
Gateway recomandat
Homplex HG23

Frequent questions

Do I need an internet connection to control smart thermostatic valves?
An internet connection is required for remote control and to take advantage of all the smart features such as automatic programming. However, many thermostatic valves can also be adjusted manually without the need for a permanent internet connection.
This smart thermostatic valve is compatible with all types of radiators?
Most smart thermostatic valves are designed to fit most types of radiators. However, it is important to check compatibility with the radiator model and fitting in your home.
What are the benefits of using a smart thermostatic valve?
It allows you to customise the temperature in each room, saving energy by reducing unnecessary heating. They can also be remotely controlled, automatically programmed and help create a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.
How do smart thermostatic valves work?
These valves have built-in temperature sensors and can communicate with a mobile app or smart hub. They regulate the flow of water to the radiator to maintain the set temperature, ensuring a comfortable climate and energy savings.
What are smart thermostatic valves?
Smart thermostatic valves are devices that replace traditional radiator valves and allow precise temperature control in every room. They can be adjusted manually or via a mobile app.
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Smart thermostatic valve Homplex HTRV23

Product code: 3715040
Smart thermostatic valve
  • Works with the Tuya app
  • Zigbee compatible
  • Accessories included
  • Rotary knob
  • Hidden display