Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat front Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat back left Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat left Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat box Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat above Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat right Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat front Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat below Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat front right Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat front left Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat back right Homplex HTV2320 Smart fancoil thermostat back


The Homplex HT2320 Smart Thermostat is a programmable thermostat used to control one or more fan coil units. It can be used for 2 or 4 pipe ventilation systems. Allows outdoor sensor and room presence sensor (hotel card). The thermostat is wall mounted and allows in addition to local heating control also control via the internet using the Tuya Smart mobile app (iOS and Android).

The Homplex HT2320 Smart fan coil Thermostat can be controlled from anywhere, on holiday, in the office or at the end of your workout, with real-time access to temperature information and the flexibility to create complex heating programmes. Share the Smart Thermostat with your family, optimise heating costs, maximise comfort and your home will always be warm!


  1. Large illuminated LED display.
  2. Touch buttons
  3. Memorise settings even in case of power failure or battery change
  4. Temperature displayed in degrees Celsius (°C)
  5. 7 individual days programming with 4 intervals/day, hot or cold mode
  6. Fan, hot valve and cold valve control,
  7. Frost protection, open window detection
  8. Recalibration of the temperature shown on the display,
  9. Thermostat lock
  10. Can be positioned anywhere in the house, on the stand or wall
  11. Intelligent Algorithm – the thermostat analyses and changes the fan speed according to the temperature difference,
  12. Internet control with Tuya app, integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

With today’s technological developments, smart thermostats are becoming an integral part of modern homes, offering advanced control and increased efficiency in indoor temperature management. As a leading manufacturer in this field, we are focused on bringing innovation and comfort into the homes of our users.

Smart thermostats are internet-connected devices with the ability to adjust temperature automatically or manually, depending on the user’s needs and set schedule. Users can control the thermostat remotely via a mobile app, allowing them to customise the temperature to their preferences, create tailored programmes and monitor energy consumption.

There is also a strong focus on energy efficiency. Our smart thermostats are designed to reduce energy consumption through automatic adjustments and temperature optimization, leading to significant savings and a reduced environmental footprint. Integration with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant adds an extra level of convenience and control.

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Room thermostat, IoT
Mounting type
Fixed, in socket
Thermostat power supply
100 ... 240VAC 50/60Hz
Illuminated LCD
88 x 88 x 15(36,5 total) mm
Working modes
Cooling, Heating
Available programs
7 individual days
Available intervals
4 intervals / zi
Hot valve, cold valve, fan
Temperature scale
Celsius (°C)
Temperature setting range
5°C ... 35°C
Temperature accuracy
Temperature setting step
Working temperature
0°C ... 50°C, 5-95%RH
Fan relay
8(5) A
Compressor / valve relay
8(5) A
Smart App
Tuya, Google Home, Amazon Alexa
Application compatibility
Android, iOS
Extra functions
Frost protection
Accessories included
Screws and dowels, manual
2 years
Wireless thermostats

Fancoil thermostat Homplex HTV2320

Product code: 3715037
Fancoil smart thermostat