termostat-ambiental-neprogramabil-inoklima-evo-x termostat-ambiental-neprogramabil-inoklima-evo-x-lateral termostat-ambiental-neprogramabil-inoklima-evo-x-lateral-90-grade Receptor termostat ambiental neprogramabil Inoklima EVO X RF lateral Receptor termostat ambiental neprogramabil Inoklima EVO X RF


Information: Inoklima EVO X RF (discontinued) has been replaced by Homplex EVO X RF!

The Inoklima EVO X RF non-programmable thermostat can be operated in conjunction with the central heating system or the (electric) underfloor heating system. The Inoklima EVO X RF can be positioned anywhere in the house thanks to the radio frequency and receiver included in the package.

The EVO X RF is easy to use, thanks to its large, illuminated display and three control buttons. Use the Inoklima radio-frequency thermostat in “Manual”, “Comfort” or “Economy” mode and enjoy the warmth of your home any time of the day.



Inoklima Evo X Frost protection
No frozen installations The lowest temperature you can choose with Inoklima EVO X RF is 5°C, so the heating system is protected against freezing.
Inoklima EVO X RF More affordable heating
More affordable heating Use the power output to connect the Inoklima EVO X RF thermostat together with the electric underfloor heating.
Inoklima EVO X RF Light for easy access
Lumină pentru acces facil Modifică temperatura ambientală chiar și în timpul nopții cu ajutorul afișajului iluminat.
Inoklima EVO X RF Fewer starts
Fewer starts Optimise the number of plant starts and keep the temperature constant using the modulation algorithm.


Room thermostat, Electric floor heating
Thermostat power supply
3VDC, Baterii, 2 x AA alcaline
Wireless, 868Mhz
Thermostat display
Illuminated LCD
Division Gas
Thermostat size
85 x 75 x 23 mm
Receiver size
110 x 80 x 30 mm
Releu receiver
250 VAC, 8 A
Receiver relay
230 VAC
Power output (heating)
max. 250 VAC, 16 A
Available working modes
Comfort, Economy, Manual
Temperature scale
Temperature setting interval
5 ºC … 35 ºC
Temperature setting step
0.5 ºC
0.1ºC … 5ºC
Hysteresis setting step
0.1 ºC
Aditional features
Modulation algorithm, Child lock, Low battery indicator, Memorisation of settings when batteries are replaced, Pump protection in the control unit, Frost protection
2 years

Frequent questions

Why does the Inoklima thermostat not respond to commands?
Check if the "Child Lock" function has been activated (the "Lock" symbol is displayed on the screen). If the thermostat is locked, press and hold the " + " and " - " buttons simultaneously to unlock it.
In "Manual" mode, the max. and the minimum available temperature is not 35 ºC and 5 ºC respectively, why?
To be able to select the minimum temperature 5 ºC and the maximum 35 ºC, go to the configuration menu. Change the minimum and maximum temperature allowed.
Why does the thermostat indicate a different temperature and not the real one?
If the Inoklima Evo X indicates a lower or higher temperature than the actual temperature, calibrate the thermostat. Use the options available in the configuration menu (menu page 6). You can calibrate the thermostat by ±5 ºC.
My thermostat display is not illuminated, why?
In order to enjoy an illuminated display, you need to enable this feature from the setup menu. The maximum duration of illumination is 5 seconds.
Will the Inoklima Evo X automatically switch between modes depending on the time?
Inoklima Evo X is not a programmable thermostat. Therefore, switching between the two modes must be done manually by you.
Wireless thermostats

Inoklima EVO X RF

Product code: 3710267-0
Non-programmable wireless room thermostat, also compatible with electric underfloor heating
  • No frozen installations
  • More affordable heating
  • Lumină pentru acces facil
  • Fewer starts