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The fitting, electrically insulating nipple for the galvanic separation of sections of a gas installation is a special part used in pipe installations to electrically separate two sections.

The main uses include

Separation of underground and above-ground pipe systems: The function of the electro-insulating fitting is to break the electrical continuity between buried and above-ground pipes.
Corrosion protection: In water or gas distribution networks, electro-insulating fittings help prevent corrosion caused by stray currents.
Cathodic protection systems: Electro-insulating fittings are essential components in cathodic protection systems that prevent corrosion of buried metal pipes.

Metal pipes in gas networks, both transmission and distribution and user installations, are vulnerable to accidental electrical discharges, either from lightning strikes or from contact with broken or damaged power lines. The problem is exacerbated in modern gas installations, where various electrical components (pumps, thermostats, protective circuits) can fail, exposing users to dangerous voltages. Without proper protection measures, dangerous voltages in pipes can penetrate household electrical installations, causing costly breakdowns or even serious accidents.

To prevent electrocution and protect equipment, it is essential to implement effective electrical protection measures such as the use of insulating fittings at junctions between underground and above-ground sections of the network, connecting the conduits to a suitable earthing system that diverts dangerous electrical currents into the earth, installing surge protection devices in household electrical installations that limit voltage values to a safe level or implementing these simple but essential measures can save lives and prevent significant property damage.

The electrically insulating gas flange fitting is an important accessory for the safe operation and transport of natural gas installations and is an effective and considerably more economical solution compared to the use of flanges for electrical isolation.

Romanian regulations require the electrical isolation of gas distribution networks from the user installations to prevent the propagation of dangerous electrical voltages. This separation is achieved by installing electrically insulating elements (flanges or nipples) at the gas meter level. The electrical resistance of these elements shall be at least 1 MΩ, measured at 5 kV, according to the regulations. Adequate insulation is essential to prevent electrocution, fire and installation faults, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the gas network.

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niplu electroizolant homplex separare electrica circuite de gaz 3
Strong and safe The polyamide used has outstanding resistance to atmospheric oxidation and temperature fluctuations.
niplu electroizolant homplex separare electrica circuite de gaz
Electrical insulation Electrical insulation up to 10000 times higher than current regulations for nipples and flanges.
niplu electroizolant homplex separare electrica circuite de gaz 4
High endurance In tests, the fittings showed outstanding strength and stability to material ageing.


DN32 (1 1/4)
Tip filet
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Alamă nichelată / Poliamide
Gas installation accessories

Insulating coupling

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Fitting used in gas circuits for the electrical protection of persons or connected equipment
  • Strong and safe
  • Electrical insulation
  • High endurance