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A long cap is an injected fitting. This long cap can be used in methane gas installations.

Using the long cap you can close a circuit (a pipe). The long cover is also useful in the case of a temporary or permanent diversion or detour.

Thanks to injection moulding, the long cover has high strength and can be welded with universal welding machines.

About PE 100-RC

The main technical advantage of PE 100-RC is that it is much more resistant to slow crack growth. This saves costs during installation, improves safety and prolongs the life of the entire piping system.

High operating pressures, as well as expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations, generate stress for welded joints. This is particularly noticeable in above ground piping systems. The edge of the weld zone in the centre of the joint faces the greatest exposure to internal stress and pressure loads. It has been shown that greater resistance to slow crack growth therefore leads to better long-term results.

The use of fittings and other elements are now manufactured entirely with PE 100-RC. This allows considerable improvements to be achieved in the case of butt welded joints with electrofusion or heated tools. This enhances the long-term safety of underground and aboveground pipeline systems for gas or water supply systems.

PE 100-RC fittings supplied by Homplex are available in a wide range of models and variations and in many cases can be delivered immediately from stock (Bucharest).

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PE 100-RC
Acest capac lung se poate folosi în instalațiile de alimentare cu gaz metan. Increased resistance to slow crack growth.
Fitting PE 100-RC ARGU Inseparable joints
Inseparable joints Considerable improvements for butt welded joints with electrofusion and heated tools
Fitting PE 100-RC ARGU Very long service life
Durable Minimum lifespan of 8760 hours according to PAS 1075.


Natural gas supply installations
Long spigot
Short spigot injected fittings

Long cap

Product code:
PE 100-RC long spigot fitting
  • Acest capac lung se poate folosi în instalațiile de alimentare cu gaz metan.
  • Inseparable joints
  • Durable

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