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Homplex NX1 Cream White keeps you connected to your home. The NX1 Cream White room thermostat has an ergonomic design that blends seamlessly into any home

Control room temperature manually or via the Homplex mobile app and with NX1 Cream White. You can control it from anywhere, on holiday, in the office or at the end of your workout with real-time access to temperature and humidity information and the flexibility to create complex heating programmes.

Share it with friends, optimize heating costs, maximize comfort and your home will always welcome you with warmth!



Homplex NX1 detail, screen and rotary ring
Design modern The reflective dial, rotating ring and control knob below the display make the Homplex NX1 a unique thermostat in our portfolio.
Change your Homplex NX1 temperature on the go
On the move Use the Homplex app to control your Homplex NX1 smart thermostat. All you need is a smartphone, a user account and a stable internet connection.
Homplex NX1 has a humidity sensor inside
Humidity measurement Homplex NX1 is equipped with a humidity sensor that complements the available ambient information.
Homplex NX1 app, programs with unlimited intervals
Multiple intervals, daily! Adapt Homplex NX1 to your dynamic schedule with an unlimited number of time slots in Scheduled mode, available through the Homplex app.


Ambiental, IoT
Radio 868Mhz, Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz
Thermostat power supply
3V, 2 or 4 AAA alkaline batteries
Receiver power supply
230 VAC 50 Hz, 3W
Thermostat display
LCD illuminated
Thermostat size
100 x 100 x 32.5 mm
Receiver size
102 x 102 x 30 mm
Receiver power supply
230 VAC, 3W
Receiver relay
250 VAC, 8A
Working modes
Manual, Scheduled, Day, Night, Away
Available programs
Daily, with unlimited intervals
Temperature scale
Hour format
12 / 24 ore
Temperature setting range
2.5 ºC ... 28 ºC
Temperature change step
0.5 ºC
Hysteresis setting range
0.2 ºC ... 5 ºC
Hysteresis adjustment step
0.1 ºC
Funcții suplimentare
Humidity sensor, Settings retention, Frost protection, Thermostat lock
Application compatibility
Android, iOS
2 years

Frequent questions

Why is "ER01" flashing on the Homplex NX1 screen?
The thermostat is not synchronised with the receiver. Repeat the synchronisation process as described in the manual.
Why does the Homplex NX1 display the message "Er02"?
"Er02" indicates a radio connection problem, so Homplex NX1 is not communicating with your receiver. Shorten the distance between devices. Make sure the radio waves are not shielded. Reset the thermostat.

What can I do when the Homplex NX1 thermostat won't start?
Once you have fitted the alkaline batteries, the Homplex NX1 room thermostat will be inactive for approximately 20 seconds until the self-check protocol is complete. If the NX1 does not turn on after 20 seconds, check that its batteries have been properly positioned in their socket.
The Homplex NX1 thermostat is not displaying the temperature correctly, what is the solution?
If the Homplex room thermostat does not display the temperature correctly, check that the temperature deviation settings are correct or reset the programmable thermostat as recommended in the user manual.
What can I do when the Homplex thermostat is too sensitive or reacts slowly?
If the Homplex NX1 reacts sluggishly or is too sensitive, check that the hysteresis settings are correct and that the thermostat is not influenced by other external factors (radiators, sunlight, cold air currents, etc.).
The Homplex NX1 room thermostat does not react to commands, what could be the cause?
The Homplex NX1 room thermostat will not react to commands if it is locked (the "Locked" symbol is displayed on the screen) or if the batteries are flat. Unlock the Homplex NX1 by holding down the action button on the screen for 5 seconds or replace the Homplex NX1 batteries with new alkaline ones.

Why doesn't the NX1 thermostat react to in-app commands?
When your Homplex thermostat doesn't respond to commands placed directly from the Homplex app, make sure your IoT thermostat is communicating correctly with the receiver. Also, another factor is the receiver's Internet connection malfunctioning.
Why does the programmable thermostat display the alert signal and the signal symbol flashes?
The Homplex NX1 room thermostat may exhibit this behaviour if radio communication is hampered by possible interference or shielding of radio waves due to wall reinforcements or metal surfaces. In either case, reposition the Homplex thermostat. For stable communication, choose to reduce the distance between the receiver and the thermostat.
Does the Homplex NX1 thermostat indicate that it is heating, but the central unit won't start?
If the central heating unit has not started heating, although the Homplex thermostat indicates that it has been switched on, the connection between the NX1's receiver and the central heating unit should be checked - failure to connect to the appropriate control ports can lead to this situation. If the receiver is properly connected and the situation persists, the control relay should be checked - contact the Homplex technical team.
How do I pair the thermostat with the Homplex NX1 receiver?

1. Short press to activate the thermostat.
2. Long press to access the settings menu.
3. Turn the ring to navigate to page 2.
4. Short press and turn the ring to position 1 to activate advanced settings.
5. Short press to return to the menu.
6. Turn the ring and navigate to page 4.
7. Short press to activate search mode.
8. On Receiver, short press its button until the color Pink is visible.
9. Long press (1 second) to activate search mode.
10. The association should take place immediately.

How do I pair the receiver with the Homplex app for iOS?

1. In the app, from the My Devices screen, tap the Add Device button.
2. Make sure the receiver will have access to a working 2.4Ghz wi-fi network with internet access.
3. Press the Next button.
4. Enter the name of the 2.4GHz wi-fi network to which the Receiver will permanently connect. The name must be exactly as defined in the router settings.
5. Add the password of the wi-fi network where the receiver will be permanently connected.
6. Pay attention to special characters to be entered correctly.
7. On Receiver, activates the application's record mode. Press the receiver button repeatedly until it shows the colour Blue.
8. In the Homplex app, press the Next button.
9. On Receiver, long press its button (1 second) to activate search mode (Blue colour will flash).
10. In the Homplex app, press the Next button
11. Press Wi-Fi options button. The receiver generated the Homplex wi-fi network where the phone must be connected.
12. If requested, the password for this network is Homplex8.
13. Finally, press the Next.
14. If the pairing was successful, you will receive a confirmation message.
15. Press Finish button to return to the My Devices .

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostat Homplex NX1

Product code: 3714352
Homplex NX1 Smart Programmable Room Thermostat with Remote Control, Cream White
Available colors
  • Design modern
  • On the move
  • Humidity measurement
  • Multiple intervals, daily!