Solenoid valve for methane gas DN20 RAO03 Solenoid valve for methane gas DN20 RAO03


The RAO03 solenoid valve can be used together with the Homplex gas detector. In the event of a gas leak, the RAO03 solenoid valve will shut off the methane gas supply.

Electromagnetic valves are also used in residential environments to enhance safety. A solenoid valve is used to shut off the gas supply to your home. This will be possible if the solenoid valve is connected to a system for detection and protection against methane gas leaks (example: Homplex methane gas detectors).

The solenoid valve has a coil which, when tensioned, releases and isolates the closing device.

The time from when the coil receives the electrical impulse from the gas leak detection and protection equipment until the methane gas supply is triggered and shut off is less than one second. Resetting the solenoid valve is manual in order to check the causes of the detection and to remove the causes that led to the triggering of the alarm and therefore the solenoid valve.

The solenoid valve is used in natural gas (methane gas or LPG) installations. The solenoid valve can be connected to gas leak detection equipment, a fire alarm circuit or other types of design variants.

Homplex has in its portfolio numerous solenoid valves available for natural gas supply installations, with various nominal diameters, normally open. They can be used in residential environments. They enhance safety by reducing the risk of deflagration following a gas leak.

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Dry gases, Non corosive gases
Nominal diameter
Power supply
230 / 50 – 60 Hz
Voltage tolerance
15% … +10%
Electrical connection
cable M20 x 1.5
Maximum pressure
500 mbar
Ambient temperature
-15°C … +60°C
Body material
0.350 kg
Protection class
Reaction time
< 1 second
Normal-Open solenoid valves


Product code: 3710358
Gas solenoid valve (solenoid valve) Normal - Open