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The SCU209DE is a wireless central unit for underfloor heating.

The unit can control up to eight zones (rooms) with wireless thermostats. You can configure the control unit to control the central unit and the recirculation pump.



SCU209 DE You have the ideal temperature!
You have the ideal temperature! Use the SCU209DE with other wireless thermostats to control the temperature in each room (zone). You can synchronise up to eight thermostats.
SCU209 DE Multiple compatibility
Multiple compatibility You can configure the SCU209DE to control a central heating boiler or water circulation pump.
SCU209 DE Extended communication
Extended communication The SCU209DE can communicate with wireless thermostats over a range of up to 100 meters, especially in open field. So you can enjoy the efficiency of your devices, even when one of your thermostats is in the most remote room in your home.


Underfloor heating
280 x 110 x 40 mm
Power supply
100 - 240 VAC 50~60 Hz
Maximum pump
250 VAC 10 A
Central relay
250 VAC max. 4 A
Central pump relay
250 VAC max. 4 A
Division Gas
Thermal actuator
8 x 230 VAC, max. 2 A / output, max. 5 A total
Temperature interval
- 20 °C ... + 60 °C
Storage temperature
- 20 °C ... + 70 °C
Frequency of communication
Half - duplex
868 Mhz
Transmission distance
max. 100 m
2 years

Frequent questions

I changed the temperature, but the central unit did not receive the change?
If you have set your thermostat higher than the actual room temperature, and no LED on the SCU209DE has blinked, you will need to resynchronise the thermostat with the unit.
Is the SCU209DE control unit not working properly?
If you find that the SCU209DE is not working properly, check the power cable and other connections.
Is it normal for the light in an area to always be on?
Yes, this is normal if a thermostat has been successfully connected to the area. The lit light indicates connectivity in optimal operating parameters.
Central units for control

Wireless control centre SCU209DE

Product code: 3710069
Floor heating control unit, wired control.
  • You have the ideal temperature!
  • Multiple compatibility
  • Extended communication