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The smart thermostat Homplex HT2310 WR is a programmable thermostat built to control room temperature directly or via the internet. It is compatible with Tuya Smart and can also be used with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This type of thermostat has 2 components: the Receiver and the Homplex HT2310WR Smart Thermostat. The Receiver is designed to transmit information to the thermostat and control the central heating system.

The Homplex HT23210WR Smart Thermostat you can control from anywhere, on vacation, in the office or at the end of your workout, with real-time access to temperature information and the flexibility to create complex heating schedules. Share the Smart Thermostat with your family, optimise heating costs, maximise comfort and your home will always be warm!

A double solution for different situations.

  1. Control the boiler via cable directly from the thermostat and use the receiver as an internet gateway or
  2. Place the thermostat on the included stand anywhere you want and let the receiver wirelessly control the thermostat and connect the thermostat with your phone via internet!


  1. Large LED lighting display
  2. Touch buttons
  3. Retain settings even in case of power failure or battery change
  4. Temperature displayed in degrees Celsius (°C)
  5. 4/6 programming intervals per period/day
  6. Programming modes: 7 days, 5+2, 5+1+1
  7. Frost protection, open window detection
  8. Thermostat Child Lock
  9. Can be positioned anywhere in the house, on the stand or on the wall
  10. Low battery power indicator
  11. 100m range in open field
  12. Compatible with almost any central heating system

With today’s technological developments, smart thermostats are becoming an integral part of modern homes, offering advanced control and increased efficiency in indoor temperature management. As a leading manufacturer in this field, we are focused on bringing innovation and comfort into the homes of our users.

Smart thermostats are internet-connected devices with the ability to adjust temperature automatically or manually, depending on the user’s needs and set schedule. Users can control the thermostat remotely via a mobile app, allowing them to customise the temperature to their preferences, create tailored programmes and monitor energy consumption.

There is also a strong focus on energy efficiency. Our smart thermostats are designed to reduce energy consumption through automatic adjustments and temperature optimization, leading to significant savings and a reduced environmental footprint. Integration with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant adds an extra level of convenience and control.

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Homplex HT2310 wr Works with tuya app
Works with Tuya Control your smart devices remotely
Homplex HT2310 wr Touch buttons
Touch buttons Change the temperature at the touch of a button!
Features Homplex HT2310 wr Display under housing
Screen hidden under the housing After a few seconds the illuminated elements disappear!
Homplex HT2310 wr Terminal pins market cables
Cables ready for installation Provided with clear markings and terminal pins


Room thermostat, IoT
Additional functions
Frost Protection, Smart Fit, Open Window Detection, Child Lock, Settings Hold, Low Battery Indicator
Moduri de control al centralei
Control direct prin fir din termostat sau indirect, radio, prin receptor
Placing options
Fixed (on the wall) or on the stand
Button type
Thermostat power supply
3V, 2 AA alkaline batteries
Thermostat display
Illuminated LED
Thermostat size
100 x 100 x 19mm
Available working modes
Scheduled, Permanent hold, Temporary hold
Programe available
7 days, 5+2, 5+1+1
Interval available
4 / 6 daily
Temperature scale
Celsius (°C)
Temperature setting range
5°C ... 35°C
Accuracy of temperature measurement
Temperature change step
Operating temperature
0°C ... 50°C
Histeresis setting range
0.5°C ... 35°C
Histeresis change step
Smart app
Application compatibility
Android, iOS
Included accessories
Stand, mounting plate, screws and dowels
2 years
Button type
Radio 868Mhz, Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz
100m unobstructed
Receiver power supply
230 VAC 50 Hz, 3W
Receiver size
86 x 86 x 28,5 mm
Relay contact
Imax 8(5)A 250 VAC
Switching modes
Selector NC / NO
Working modes
Internet gateway, Internet gateway + boiler control
Additional functions
Forced heating
Accessories included
Plug, mounting plate with power and central control cables, mask, screws and dowels

Frequent questions

How do I connect the thermostat with the TUYA app?
Download the TUYA SMART app from GooglePlay (Android) or AppStore (iOS) Sign in to the app or register a new account. Follow the steps recommended in the app. At the end check the email address with which you created your account to activate it. Press the + symbol on the top right and select "Add Device". The app now warns you that you need to do the following checks: - be connected to your home Wi-Fi network based on 2.4GHz (so it doesn't have to be 5GHz!) and is password protected. - to have at least during the connection process enabled - location and bluetooth and to have the necessary permissions enabled for the Tuya app itself. Also activate mobile data. Once all the above conditions are met, in the page list devices that can be paired in the Tuya app profile. Select "Small Home Appliances" on the left side, look for "Thermostat (Wi-Fi)" in the main menu and click on the thermostat icon. If you haven't allowed and enabled access to the location, the app will remind you. The app will start the registration process and ask for your Wi-Fi connection details. Warning! The Wi-Fi network must be 2.4Ghz! Enter your network name and password and press NEXT. On the receiver, press and hold the receiver button until the indicator slowly flashes green. In the application press the "Confirm the indicator is blinking" button, a confirmation panel will open, press the "Blink slowly" button. The app will inform you that your phone needs to connect to the Wi-Fi network generated by the thermostat. Press "Go to connect". Select the network starting with "SmartLife" from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and return to the app. The app will automatically take over the connection process with the thermostat. At the end of the process press "DONE" to be redirected to the thermostat page.
I have two Homplex 2310 WR thermostats purchased last summer, and after putting them into operation the other day, I noticed an error, possibly a software issue. The thermostats start heating exactly 15 minutes before the scheduled time. They close perfectly, to the second. So, I programmed one thermostat for 05:30, and it started at 05:15, while the other one programmed for 06:30 started at 06:15, 15 minutes earlier. Additionally, the fire icon (heating) appears later, precisely 15 minutes after the scheduled time, but the thermostats are already in operation.
The INTELLIGENT ALGORITHM OPTION IS ACTIVE. This option takes into account the ambient temperature and will start the heating process earlier so that the beginning of the programmed interval starts directly with the desired temperature. The greater the temperature difference (but also depending on the last 14 days' history), the earlier the heating will start. To deactivate/reactivate, follow these steps:
Turn off the thermostat (press and hold the circle button until OFF appears on the screen)
Press the circle button until CL appears on the screen.
Press the UP or DOWN buttons until the ES value is displayed.
Press the circle button briefly to edit the value.
Press the UP or DOWN buttons to edit the setting: ON (enabled) or OFF (disabled).
After editing, wait a few seconds; the thermostat will turn off on its own.
Press the circle button briefly to start the thermostat and resume activity.

Video Guides

Homplex HT2310 WR - Unboxing and features
Homplex HT2310 WR - Thermostat synchronisation with receiver (internet gateway mode)
Homplex HT2310 WR - Adding the thermostat in Tuya Smart app
Homplex HT2310 WR - Adding the thermostat in Tuya Smart app (Android)
Wireless thermostats

Smart thermostat Homplex HT2310 WR

Product code: 3714845
Smart programmable room thermostat
  • Works with Tuya
  • Touch buttons
  • Screen hidden under the housing
  • Cables ready for installation

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