Thermostat for underfloor heating T38 front view Thermostat for underfloor heating T38 side view


The T38 is a programmable thermostat ideal for electric floor heating installations. The floor thermostat feeds directly into the mains and can be wall-mounted. The thermostat is equipped with a floor sensor and an additional mask with straight corners.

Choose an easy-to-use, programmable thermostat with an illuminated LCD display for temperature control!



Thermostat for underfloor heating T38 front view
Different every day! Thanks to the 'Scheduled' mode, you can create heating scenarios from Monday to Sunday, choosing 4 or 6 different times and temperatures for each day.
Thermostat for underfloor heating T38 front view
No energy loss Ventilate your home whenever you want, and the T38 thermostat will make sure it stops heating when the temperature has dropped suddenly due to draughts.
Thermostat for underfloor heating T38 front view
Extended functionality The T38 can be used as a room thermostat for radiator heating, a thermostat for underfloor heating or simultaneously for both types of heating.
Thermostat for underfloor heating T38 front view
For electrical installation The programmable thermostat for underfloor heating can be connected to electrical installations with loads between 0 and 16 amps. So you don't have to replace the installation or the thermostat you want.


Floor heating
Alimentare termostat
230VAC 50/60Hz
Thermostat display
Illuminat LCD display
86 x 86 x 16 mm
Thermostat relay
250 VAC, 16 A
Division Gas
Available working modes
Permanent hold, Temporary hold, Scheduled
Available programs
5 + 1 + 1, Daily schedule
Intervale de programare disponibile
4 / 6
Temperature scale
ºC / ºF
Hour format
12hrs / 24hrs
Room temperature setting range
5 ºC ... 35 ºC
Floor heating setting range
5 ºC ... 45 ºC
Temperature setting step
0.5 ºC
Screen illumination time
Off, Permanent, On at key press
Additional features
Maximum operated amperage switching, NTC (temperature sensor) sensitivity switching, Open window detection
Temperature control modes
Environmental only (radiators), Floor only, Floor and environmental
2 years

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Frequent questions

T38 has stopped heating and shows "E1" or "E2" on the display
The T38 programmable thermostat has detected that the floor sensor is not connected correctly, is short-circuited or faulty. For this reason, all functions are switched off. . Contact the technical department for verification.
T38 has stopped heating and "E3" or "E4" is written on the display.
The T38 programmable thermostat detected that the camera sensor was short-circuited or faulty and stopped all functions. Contact the technical department for verification.
Why did the T38 stop heating after I opened the windows?
To save energy and reduce unnecessary consumption, the T38 will stop heating if the room temperature has dropped suddenly. It must be at least 1.5 ºC lower during the last three minutes. To return to the previously set programme, press any key.
My electrical installation has less than 8A, can I use the T38 thermostat?
The T38 floor thermostat supports several electrical loads. Go to the configuration menu and select "L" for electrical load up to 7 A. Select "H" for an electrical load between 8 and 11 A. Select "HH" for 12 - 16 A.
The display shows the error "E5", why?
The floor thermostat encounters technical situations with external sensor selection. Contact the technical department to check the situation.
Wired thermostats


Product code: 3712356
Programmable wired thermostat for electric underfloor heating
  • Different every day!
  • No energy loss
  • Extended functionality
  • For electrical installation