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The T70 is a programmable thermostat compatible with electric underfloor heating! The floor thermostat mounts directly into the can and is designed to control and maintain the temperature in your home, reducing monthly costs.

This floor thermostat has an intuitive menu. Its screen can be illuminated permanently (continuously) or temporarily (illuminated for 30 seconds each time a button is pressed).

With the Division Gas thermostat you can create different heating scenarios ideal for weekdays, weekends or the whole week. The floor thermostat has daily or 5 + 2 and 5 + 1 + 1 programming.



T70 Room of floor heating?
Ambiental or underfloor? Change the mode of operation - turn the T70 into a floor thermostat, a room thermostat or use it for both. Works in conjunction with a floor sensor.
T70 Control it yourself!
Just control it! Restrict access to the T70 thermostat in your home by locking your thermostat. While unlocked, you cannot change the temperature or other settings.
T70 Be the specialist in your home!
Be the specialist in your home! Extend the available settings of the T70 programmable thermostat by accessing the Engineer settings menu and configure the T70 just the way you want it.
T70 Monitor consumption!
Monitor consumption! Keep an eye on the energy consumed with your thermostat directly from the setup menu. Keep costs under control and save money every month by monitoring energy with this T70 floor thermostat.


Underfloor heating
Thermostat power supply
230VAC 50/60Hz
Thermostat display
Illuminat LCD display
82 x 82 x 56 mm (partea vizibilă)
Division Gas
Thermostat relay
250VAC 16A
Available working modes
Standby (Manual), Comfort (Temporary Hold), Scheduled
Available programs
5 + 1 + 15 + 1 + 1, 5 + 2, Daily schedule
Intervale de programare disponibile
4 / 6
Temperature scale
Hour format
Room temperature setting range
5 ºC ... 35 ºC
Floor heating setting range
6 ºC ... 99 ºC
Temperature setting step
0.5 ºC
Screen illumination duration
Off, Permanent, On at key press
Additional features
Intelligent Temperature Adjustment, Child Lock, Memorise settings when batteries are replaced, Energy Monitor
Temperature control modes
Environmental only (radiators), Floor only, Floor and environmental
2 years

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Frequent questions

"E2" is displayed on the screen, why?
"E2" is displayed on the T70 when the external (floor) sensor is faulty or short-circuited. Contact a Homplex specialist for verification.
The T70 is not responding to any commands, what can I do?
When the T70 does not respond to commands, check if it is locked - the 'Child Lock' function has been activated. Press the 'Comfort' and 'Manual' buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
The T70 floor thermostat screen does not light up when I press its keys, why?
If the T70's display doesn't light up even though you've pressed a key, check the available backlight settings - choose 'Auto' from the 'Backlight' menu if you want the display to light up temporarily at every key press or 'ON' for continuous lighting.
Functions such as "Temperature calibration" or "Illumination" are not available on the T70 thermostat, why?
To access additional functions, go to the specialist menu - "Engineer setting".
The thermostat display shows the error "E1", why?
When "E1" is displayed on your thermostat screen, the internal sensor is faulty or short-circuited. Contact a Homplex specialist to check.
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Product code: 3710106
Programmable thermostat for electric floor heating
  • Ambiental or underfloor?
  • Just control it!
  • Be the specialist in your home!
  • Monitor consumption!