Why choose an IoT thermostat with remote control (via the Internet)?

“The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the technology that has revolutionised the way electrical and electronic equipment is traditionally used, enabling users to control it remotely with their own smart mobile phone.

Over time, room thermostats used to automate home heating systems have also benefited from this digitisation.

Choosing a thermostat that can be controlled directly from your phone can be a real help when you want flexibility, comfort and lower monthly expenses. The main advantage of buying a thermostat is that you can control the temperature in your home at any time, even if your schedule changes at the last minute.

This will help you to keep your monthly expenses under control, while saving you a lot of energy by avoiding unnecessary heating cycles when you’re not at home.

Helping with monthly savings are the pre-defined operating modes that IoT thermostats (generally) have – for example, the new Homplex thermostat has three other operating modes (separate from “Programmed” and “Manual”): “Away” (for weekends when you’re away from home but need to maintain a room temperature close to what you’d normally have in your home), “Day” and “Night” (for when you’re comfortable having one temperature during the day and another at night without fluctuations or the need to temporarily turn off the heating).

Remote control thermostats are reliable and easy to use thanks to the smartphone app – for example, the Homplex app for the Homplex NX1 programmable room thermostat has an intuitive, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

From the app you can build your heating scenarios using ‘Scheduled’ mode, change the mode of operation and give control of the thermostat to another member of your family via the device sharing option.

In addition to multiple operating modes, the new generation thermostats provide additional information about the environment – a first for the Homplex thermostats portfolio is the humidity sensor in the Homplex NX1 thermostat with an accuracy of ±0.2%.

Another benefit I recommend you consider when choosing a room thermostat with remote control via an app is the modern design compatible with many of the interior styles found in residential homes.

The Homplex NX1 is ideally sized to be integrated into any corner of the home (whether we’re talking about placing it on the furniture in the bedroom or living room – made possible by the included desk stand, or mounting it on the wall in place of the old thermostat). Homplex NX1’s unique aesthetics also give a fresh look to the thermostats in the Homplex catalogue.

If the criteria mentioned in this article haven’t convinced you that such a thermostat may be the right choice for your home, I recommend checking out the full list of benefits and technical specifications of our new programmable room thermostat here.

Enjoy a new experience with Homplex NX1!

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