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Continuous boiler protection!

Concentrated formula specially designed to provide effective cleaning treatment and total protection for central heating systems. Introduced into the water in the heating circuit, the solution breaks down large quantities of contaminants in a short time.

Impurities remain in suspension making it easy to retain and remove them through a separator filter such as Homplex MF9000 or Homplex MF12000.


Contains alcohol ethoxylates, benzotriazole and sodium nitrite.

Read the label carefully before use. Follow label recommendations!

What are the benefits of regular use of Homplex WT1?

Homplex WT1 offers a number of benefits, such as protection against corrosion and limescale deposits, reduced gas consumption and maintenance costs, maintaining energy efficiency and supporting the warranty requirements of the manufacturer of central heating or underfloor heating circuits. The solution is suitable for all types of circuits where the thermal agent is water.

With a single dose of 0.5Kg superconcentrate you treat and prevent problems for a 100L system or 10-15 radiators.

The way of use is very simple: for open heating systems, the product is added through the supply tank or expansion tank, and for sealed systems, it is added through a suitable dosing point, such as a radiator vent or a filter (Homplex magnetic filters allow adding solution very easily).

The importance of using water treatment solutions in heating systems

Heating systems are an essential component of comfort in our homes. Whether we are talking about traditional radiators or modern underfloor heating systems, the quality of the water used in these installations plays a crucial role in maintaining their performance, efficiency and durability. The use of water treatment solutions, such as corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors, is not just a recommendation, but a necessity for prolonging the life of heating systems and ensuring optimal long-term operation.

One of the fundamental issues is the prevention of corrosion inside heating systems. Water naturally contains substances that can accelerate corrosion processes in the metal components of the system. Corrosion inhibitors act as a protective barrier, bonding to metal surfaces and preventing the formation of corrosion. This not only prolongs the useful life of equipment, but also reduces the risk of premature failure and maintenance costs.

Besides corrosion, limescale build-up is another common problem in heating systems. It can lead to lower thermal efficiency of equipment and increase energy consumption. Anti-scale agents, included in water treatment solutions, prevent limescale deposits from forming, thus keeping equipment in optimal working condition. In underfloor heating systems, where heat exchange is essential for overall efficiency, preventing limescale build-up becomes particularly important.

Another important aspect of water treatment solutions is maintaining the proper pH level in the system. A balanced pH helps to prevent corrosion and limescale deposits. This pH control is crucial to ensure efficient and durable operation of heating systems.

The use of water treatment solutions in heating systems, whether conventional radiators or modern underfloor heating systems, is an essential element in maintaining their efficiency and durability. Investing in these solutions not only extends the life of the equipment, but also optimises its performance, thus contributing to lower maintenance costs and more efficient energy consumption. In a context of increased environmental responsibility, this approach also aligns with sustainability concerns by minimising the impact on the environment and resources.



High efficiency Avoid clogging with rust or limescale, leave items clean!
Continuously protects the plant and pipes! A small investment with big benefits, just once a year!
Concentrated formula, just 0.5kg! No need to dilute or purge a significant amount of water from the system!


Weight / Volume
0,5Kg / 500ml
One 0.5kg bottle per 100L water
Duration of protection
1 an
Suppressed elements
Corrosion, bacterial growth, limescale deposition or gas production
Rinse or refill system after treatment
Not required
Agent termic vizat
Just for water!
Pale yellow
3 years from date of manufacture
Recommended filters
Homplex MF9000, Homplex MF12000
Thermics and HVAC

Concentrated solution for complete thermal system treatment Homplex WT1

Product code: 3715059
Water treatment solution
  • High efficiency
  • Continuously protects the plant and pipes!
  • Concentrated formula, just 0.5kg!