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The story of the entrepreneur who in college wanted to work in a bank, but by chance ended up selling gas detectors

ZF 15 minute cu un antreprenor. Bogdan Panainte, CEO şi cofondator Homplex: Cochetăm constant cu ideea de a intra pe alte pieţe, ne uităm în special la Ungaria şi Polonia

ZF: 15 minutes with a entrepreneur. Bogdan Panainte.


Gas leak detection solutions for a new residential development in Bucharest

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HD100 Double Control – twice the flexibility in use

HD100 PRO – innovation and quality for your home!

Why choose an IoT thermostat with remote control (via the Internet)?

Homplex NX1 – the first Homplex thermostat developed in Romania

HD100 RF – the Homplex solution with high reliability for your family’s safety