Which room thermostat suits your lifestyle?

In the cold season, automating the heating system in your home helps to ensure ideal thermal comfort and keep monthly costs in balance. Choosing the right thermostat for your home can be an arduous and confusing process with the wide range of models available on the market. Today, thermostats have been enhanced with multiple functions that increase reliability and flexibility, so they have long since ceased to be just a piece of mundane equipment that controls the central heating system.

Depending on the connectivity, thermostats can be wired (communicating directly with the central heating system via the thermostat) or radio-frequency (involving a receiver that will be connected to the central heating system, the thermostat communicating with it via radio-frequency).

Those with radio frequency communication offer more flexibility, thanks to the possibility to reposition it wherever you want.

Programmable thermostats also give you more flexibility thanks to the ability to create a work schedule that allows you to choose multiple room temperatures based on multiple parameters, compared to non-programmable thermostats that will maintain a single room temperature.

As a rule, non-programmable thermostats have a simplified menu consisting of a few basic options and a control panel with buttons that are as visible as possible and easy to access, regardless of the user’s age.

For grandparents and parents alike, you can always choose the DG816 and DG816 RF non-programmable thermostats (with large rotary knob and display) or the Inoklima Evo X (wired or RF), both with a generous display and just three simple buttons for control.

Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, have a full menu, offering more possibilities to customise programmes, ideal when you know your daily or weekly schedule intimately.

Programming can be applied to each day of the week individually, from Monday to Friday with the possibility to choose other times and temperatures applicable for the weekend (5+2) or applicable independently on Saturday and Sunday (5+1+1).

Our proposals for these situations are the programmable thermostats DG908 GT (with 7-day and 5+1+1 programming) and DG19 RF (7-day and 5+2 programming). In addition, this model also has a ‘Holiday’ mode that you can set when you’re going on holiday with your loved ones.

When your daily schedule is very dynamic and you need a lot of flexibility an IoT programmable thermostat may be the answer. You can control it remotely wherever you are via apps and your own smart mobile phone.

The thermostat has multiple functions, can be integrated into smart homes and aligns perfectly with the digital needs of young people.

You can also use it to turn the heating off or on at any time, even if you have previously set a completely different programme. The DG19 Wi-Fi with IoT (Internet of Things) technology is just one of them, and it integrates seamlessly into your home.

Another criterion to take into account when choosing a programmable thermostat can be additional functions such as temperature adjustment thanks to an intelligent algorithm, locking keys and restricting access with a PIN code or automatic detection of open windows. The DG909 and DG909 RF thermostats are the solution if you want an efficient and investment-friendly controlled heating system.

Even though the selection criteria lead to numerous solutions, it’s important to know that choosing the right room thermostat will increase the efficiency of your heating system, save your family money and keep your home comfortable.

This will make it a reliable companion on cold winter days, helping to maintain a warm and welcoming environment for you and your loved ones!

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