HD100 RF – the Homplex solution with high reliability for your family’s safety

Commonly used in residential environments to power appliances or heat homes, methane gas has become part of our lives, helping to ease the main daily activities. As common, easy and safe as it seems to use, a methane gas leak can put our lives and homes at risk. Being a lighter gas than air and highly flammable, in its presence any spark can cause an explosion.

Over the years, Homplex has developed modern and effective solutions that contribute to the safety of residential families, including locally produced methane gas detectors. In order to increase their reliability so that they are easily adaptable to any home, the methane gas detector HD100 was also designed in a wireless version (HD100 RF – radio frequency), being compatible with the finder HD200 RF (it acts as a centraliser for radio frequency methane gas detectors, displaying the detector or apartment number when an alarm is triggered).

The HD100 RF methane gas detector is made in Romania, with a 5-year lifetime, high-quality components and a high-performance semiconductor SnO₂ gas sensor.

The front panel has a button for periodic testing of the equipment, but also three different coloured LEDs for more effective communication with the user – yellow signals sensor interruption, red warns of a methane gas leak and green indicates the presence of electrical voltage and normal operation of the appliance.

The detector reacts to an lower explosion limit (L.E.L.) of 10%, with an alarm activation within 10 seconds of exceeding the sensitivity threshold.

The electric actuation of the solenoid valve is achieved with normally open and normally closed relay contacts of maximum 8A at 250VAC. It is possible to connect several detectors to a single solenoid valve (it is recommended that a detector be installed in each room where there is a methane gas consumer), but also to connect several HD100 RF detectors to the same HD200 RF finder. The installation of the Homplex radio frequency detectors does not require any drilling through walls or floors, thus not affecting the interior finishes or the structure of the buildings.

The performance of the equipment is proven if it is positioned correctly in the room, taking into account some essential aspects such as mounting (the detector should be mounted in a high place – about 30 cm from the ceiling, in an open space, away from doors, windows or fans; it should not come into contact with smoke, water vapour, oil or paint droplets) and cleaning (we recommend cleaning it once every 6 months, using a damp cloth or paper towels).

Homplex’s experience, design capability and resources invested in innovation and development have resulted in modern equipment designed with a strong emphasis on safety, ideal for both residential (apartment blocks or private residences) and office or commercial premises.

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